Dean Heller Disappoints Nevada Again

Dean Heller Disappoints Nevada Again

There is going to be a debate on gun control in the Senate and Dean Heller(R-Nevada) helped to move it along. I can understand why Harry Reid(D-Nevada) voted to move it along, after all Reid wants to take away all our guns. Reid is a Leftist Progressive who is running our Country into the ground. The people of Nevada love Liberty and love their guns and enjoy open carry. Yes, here in Nevada you can strap on your holster and gun and walk down the street and even ride the bus with your gun, but stay out of the Casinos with it. Casinos are not a ‘No Gun Zone” but they do not want customers to carry guns openly only if you have Concealed Carry Permit, are a policeman or casino security.

The reason I am upset with Dean Heller is that he is being used by the Progressives just like Toomey (R-Pennsylvania). Toomey helped write the bill.  Dean Heller thinks that it is good to have a debate on gun laws so that is his reason for voting to move the bill to the floor. He thinks it will never pass, big mistake. The Progressives want the debate in the Senate and the House and they do not care if it fails. Just like there was debate over the Dream Act that failed in the Senate and the House, that was supposed to be the end of it. President Obama simply took that name and wrote an Executive Order to make it a reality. Most people who watched the debate or heard about the debate assume it was passed by Congress because they refer to it as legislation.

The Gun Control bill will be debated in the Senate and may very well pass because the Progressives have the Majority. The House will never pass this bill because Conservatives have the Majority in the House. Then President Obama will take the name of the bill and issue an Executive Order and Gun Control will be the law of the land. I will remember 6 years from now when it is time to fire Dean Heller. Voting to move along a gun control bill is just one of Heller’s mistakes.

Dean Heller wants Nevada to be a test State for Drone activity. Drones should only be flown in foreign countries not our own country. You may decide to sunbathe nude in your own backyard that has very tall walls so nobody can see your naked body. Along comes a drone and it starts to video you in the buff and circle around you videotaping you as you get up and run inside. Your fourth Amendment rights have just been violated. The problem gets worse because the drone confused itself because you look a little bit like a known terrorist so when you run inside your home a Hell Fire Missile blows your house up with you in it. You may say that seems extreme but you cannot say it is not possible. Guess who else wants Nevada to be a test site for Drones? Yes, you guessed it, Harry Reid the guy who cheated the votes to get elected. You can read other articles I wrote proving how he cheated. The short answer is he bused in union members from California and gave them a piece of paper with the name and address of recent dead people and those who were evicted from foreclosed homes. The union members simply walked up recited the name and address they were given and voted. They did that in every polling station. No ID required. They say poor people have no ID but you cannot get Welfare, Food Stamps or energy assistance without ID.

The bottom line is that Dean Heller is not a Conservative but rather a Progressive just like Harry Reid. Most folks know that the Income Tax is the cornerstone of the Progressive movement. Conservatives know that the Income Tax is extortion and creates poverty and puts people in prison. Dean Heller loves Income Tax, that alone makes him a Progressive. The Constitution of Nevada and the people of Nevada are anti-Income Tax. Nevadans know that when you tax something. the idea is to get people to stop a certain act, in this case creating productivity. We tax cigarettes in an effort to decrease its use, we tax booze in an effort to decrease its use and we tax income in an effort to decrease your paycheck and your bank account. Dean Heller refuses to co-sponsor S.122,The Fair Tax Act, which would eliminate Income Tax. That is disingenuous to the People of Nevada, many who moved here to avoid State Income Tax.

We have six years to find a True Conservative to replace the Progressive Dean Heller. Let the search begin today. If you love Liberty and Freedom and if you are a True Conservative, I ask that you stand up and throw your hat in the ring as soon as possible. The fact is you will have six years to raise money and let the People of Nevada get to know you over the next six years.

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  1. randy77   April 17, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Update: All of the Amendments to the Gun Control bill, there were many, have failed to get the 60 votes needed. Though they all got over 50 votes. Thank God, the second Amendment lives another day. Tomorrow there will be more votes on Amendments trying to take away your rights.

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