Heterophobia: A new short film flips the script on bullying

Heterophobia: A new short film flips the script on bullying

Heterophobia: A new short film flips the script on bullying

A new short film entitled “Love Is All You Need?” by filmmaker Kim Rocco Shields and actress Lexi DiBenedettohas has gone viral. The film depicts a world where being gay is the norm and being straight is the minority. In the film viewers watch as a girl is born to lesbian parents, and enjoys a normal childhood that is until high school when she meets a boy and they not only kiss but feel an attraction to one another. The two hide their feelings for one another but are one day, while at school discovered in their school’s auditorium kissing.

A group of girls come in and begin questioning what they were doing as the boy backs off claiming that he was kissed. Leaving the girl to fend for herself as she goes through a few incidents before returning home and ultimately commits suicide.

The film shows the depression and isolation that gay teens go through when they are bullied by their peers because of their sexual orientation but flips the script by making the victim straight. It is a harsh reality as to what some teens go through as they face bigotry at school and the possibility of rejection at home and with no one to turn to. For many they begin to think that suicide is the only answer, and end their own lives.

For many teens today, suicide is real as too many gay teens today face rejection, isolation, depression and suicide all because they can’t be themselves and feel unloved. For many they receive threats through Facebook, text messages and are bullied at school but hide it from their parents. That is until they decide that they have had enough and commit suicide leaving their parents to wonder what was wrong and why they didn’t go and talk to them.

Teens in need of someone to talk too should find someone they trust and talk to them about what is going on because suicide is not the answer and it does get better.

Teens may seek counseling and support at any LGBT center, for those in the Las Vegas area visit: thecenterlv.com

For a LGBT center outside of Las Vegas, please visit: lgbtcenters.org

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