Home Video Releases: Gate of Hell, Planet Ocean, Boss and more

By Forrest Hartman Forrest@ForrestHartman.com

By Forrest Hartman

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“The Sorcerer and the White Snake”: Chinese martial arts movie starring Jet Li as a sorcerer-monk who battles an ancient demon. Directed by Tony Ching Siu-Tung.

“Planet Ocean”: Documentary film focused on the bodies of water that make up much of our planet’s surface. Using aerial and underwater photography, directors Yann-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot explore our natural world and consider the important relationship that humans have with the sea. Narrated by Josh Duhamel.
“Gate of Hell”: This drama from 1953 is noteworthy as the first Japanese color film to be released outside Gate of Hellof its native country. The movie, about a samurai who courts a married woman, won the Palme d’Or at the 1954 Cannes Film Festival and received an honorary Academy Award for best foreign language film. This freshly restored video release comes courtesy of the Criterion Collection. Directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa.
“Family Ties” – Second-to-last season of the 1980s sitcom about former hippies (Meredith Baxter-Birney and Michael Gross) raising children during the conservative Reagan years. The program is remembered particularly fondly as the launching point of Michael J. Fox’s career. In the show, Fox plays Alex P. Keaton, a staunch young Republican.
“Boss” – Season Two: This drama, about a corrupt Chicago mayor (Kelsey Grammer) battling a degenerative brain disease, was cancelled. That means fans have to turn to this home video release to revisit the final 10 episodes.
“Sexy Evil Genius”: Dark comedy about a group of people drawn to a downtown bar by a woman they all used to date. Katee Sackhoff, Michelle Trachtenberg, Anthony Michael Hall, William Baldwin and Seth Green star.
“Craig Shoemaker – Daditude”: Showtime comedy special featuring 82 minutes of Shoemaker’s trademark humor.
“Gabriel Iglesias – Aloha Fluffy”: Iglesisas comedy special taped at the Hawaii Theatre Center in Honolulu. The DVD includes a number of extras, including a 25-minute featurette that was shot before and after the taping of the special.
“Best of Latino Laugh Festival”: Collection of stand-up routines from more than 15 top-tier Latino comics, including Paul Rodriguez, Felipe Esparza, John Mendoza and the late Greg Giraldo.

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