Immigration Reform Rally at The Lloyd George Federal Building in Las Vegas

Photos By Claudia Ponce
Photos By Claudia Ponce

By: Alberto Angulo
Photographer: Claudia Ponce

“Diversity its our biggest strength ” that is what it read one the cardboard being held by a woman at the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Rally that took place today March 4th, 2013 outside The Lloyd George Federal Office Building in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Salvador Zamora long time activist in favor of the immigration reform told the Guardian Express: we all should keep asking and fighting for what have made this country what it its now, immigrants, he also took a chance to invite the public to participate in the his next hunger strike to take place in the same building on April 10th as a symbol of support to the this upcoming law.

Much has been said about the immigration reform , Some experts say we could have it done by next month, some others says it’s not the proper time for it, as our borders are not 100% secure yet , but the true is than just the very own fact than we are talking about it , raises hope for many immigrants that have been waiting for a chance to fix their legal status in this country and stop being invisible and a subject of controversy.

Many years past by before our nation sit down and actually have a “talk ” about such an important matter. Today it was a remarkable day for as people gathered outside Senator’s Heller office to urge him to join the majority of Nevadans who are in favor of Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation. ” For too long we’ve operated with a broken immigration system and now is the time to seize the moment and demand that Congress act this year” activist stayed.

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  1. Susan Ryan   April 6, 2013 at 9:43 am

    April 10, 2013 IMMIGRANT RIGHTS MARCH ON WASHINGTON: Full Citizenship Rights for ALL!


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