Justin Bieber losing it 5 reason why

Justin Bieber losing it 5 reason why

Justin Bieber loves running around the house butt naked and you don’t have to take my word for it just read what the pop idol says himself. But the Pop Start has gotten  to the streets. The teenager continues to spiral out of control as he attempts to portray himself as a bad boy.

1. Apparently Justin decided to go through a Polish airport shirtless before flying out the county. The Canadian singer had previously been spotted wearing a bizarre gas mask on a night out in London, where he turned up Justin Bieber in LA Highway police officer jealouslate for one concert and collapsed on stage with shortness of breath during another. Since landing in the UK the Biebs has been seen around town shirtless and wearing a gas mask. This is not the first time Justin was celebrating his 19th birthday with his “entourage” at a popular London club. For some reason he decided not to wear a shirt as he paraded around London. Arriving at the club, security made the decision that some of the group was underage and told them to leave. Bieber tweeted; “worst birthday ever”

2. Justin Bieber accused of “battery and making threats”
Authorities were called to Bieber’s address in Calabasas just after 9am, and the neighbor is now accusing Justin of threatening him and has even filed a battery report. Uh oh.
We spoke exclusively to a member of Justin’s security who told us: “The neighbor came onto Justin’s property to complain to him, supposedly about parties while Justin was away and possibly other issues. They exchanged words and Justin went inside. Security spoke with the neighbor. The police were called but there was no physical altercation.” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore says there has been no arrest and the situation remains under investigation. It’s unclear who called authorities or whether there have been previous complaints about problems between the 19-year-old singer and his neighbors.

3. Justin losing his temper with a paparazzi outside his hotel.
Bieber apparently made contact with a paparazzo as he barreled out of his hotel, leading the man to shout, “That’s assault” and let fly with a couple of profane statements, one urging the singer to, ahem, go back to America and the other calling him a “little moron.” Strapping bodyguard types in Bieber’s entourage contained the upset singer and wrangled him back into the vehicle before anything came to blows. But the insults were still in the air.

Justin Bieber attacks paparazzo in London 2013

4. Justin Bieber shows two hours late for the start of a concert in London. Most fans were furious. The young women and men in his audience are teens and pre-teens. Some parents took their children and left before the concert began, and others complained that it extended “way beyond their bedtime”. Tickets were around 150 dollars apiece. Fans booed their hero after he turned up nearly TWO HOURS late on stage in London – on a school night. The doors opened at 6:30 pm and eager fans furious when he failed to appear at the advertised time of 8:30 pm.

5. We all know the paparazzi can be a nuisance to celebs and many celebs have made attempts to hide Justin Bieber losing it 5 reason whythemselves from the barrage of flashing lights. Well, Justin Bieber has found a new way of concealing his face by wearing a… gas mask? Yes, a gas mask. He was spotted shopping in London with it on in an attempt to hide his identity. Clearly, it seems like the gas mask worked against him attracting more attention. Our only guess comes from the Biebs’ recent Tweet that he would like to have a concert in space, to which NASA commented, “Maybe we can help you with that.” Perhaps the Canadian crooner was looking to start preparing for an out-of-this-world show and a gas mask is the closest thing Justin could find to a space helmet. The only thing we know for certain: somewhere Selena Gomez is rolling her eyes and breathing a huge sigh of relief.

• Bieber got pulled over by the cops several times. Justin was accused of driving over speeds of 80 mph during an incident where he called 911 to complain about chasing paparazzi.
He told the responding officer his surname was “Johnson”, before he explained: “I was going to go fast so I could lose these people and then I got pulled over and the police told me that if they kept following me to call in.” He also filed harassment documents against those pesky paps following him.
It’s alleged Justin was charged with another driving offence and TMZ reported a separate occasion when his speed peaked at 100 mph.

Justin Bieber in LA Highway police officer jealous

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