Lindsay Lohan Rehab Queen

Lindsay Lohan: Rehab Queen
By Jayetta Shamsul

Lindsay Lohan, the controversial cuddle, gossip sweetheart of Hollywood is out of rehab and began flaunting herself again. Lindsay says her rehabilitation was a blessing in disguise; it made her a more matured person. Apparently, she said, “Rehab is a blessing. I’m a more responsible person than ever. I’m disciplined now.” Let’s see how long she maintains disciplines!

Her every talk show draws millions and now it’s David Letterman’s turn to be stumped by Lohan. Edgy Letterman isn’t ashamed to praise Lohan for having, “Enough spine, enough sense, enough poise”.  Oh Lindsay, you bowled Mr. Letterman over!

Actually, this Hollywood hottie ceaselessly makes news stories and compels us to believe; for better or for worse she never leaves the media limelight.

Often her on and off friendship with Charlie Sheen makes news, and her drug addiction draws us tolindsay-lohan-mandarin-hotel-dinner-01 know more about her. She often says, “I want to be like drug; you’ll die to get me.”  Lohan welcomed Sheen’s monetary gifts to pay taxes but she’s reportedly defied his date advances. It is always sweeter to take guilty help than good ones. But Sheen has turned out to be Lohan’s biggest cheerleader since they shot bedroom scenes together for Scary. Since then, the duo has maintained a scary friendship.

Currently Lohan is on a trip to Brazil and willing to outshine Samba beauties. Lohan loves to make news and news loves her. From her lesbian relationship to her wardrobe malfunction, everything makes sense. Her ex-girlfriend’s mom can blast LiLo, and new flames can come and go but LiLo remains the same. There is gossip blossoming that she gets arm candy with an army girlfriend. Avi Snow says, “She is awesome”. Oh Avi!! We always knew!

LilLo may be on drugs, cocaine may befriend her, dear ones may leave her, but the mean girl remains the same. She is our drama queen, she is our mean girl and we love the way she floats; but our teenage drama queen never likes to confess. She may stun you being TeenagePaparazzo, may befriend you in Friendly Fire, may play spooky games in I know who Killed me, but luscious LiLo, Hollywood’s heartthrob and our sensation will never cease to thrill us. lindsay-lohan-promotes-mr-pink-amidst-family-drama-16Rules can jail her, regulations can imprison her, codes can thwart her but none can bind her; she is bond-less, she is free like a butterfly. She will always entertain us, dressed in news, accessorized by tabloids, pinned up by videos.


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