The Ellen DeGeneres Show Renewed for at Least 4 More Seasons

By Dawn Cranfield

The Ellen DeGeneres Show  Renewed for at Least 4 More Seasons

Ellen DeGeneres will continue to bring her brand of comedy, dancing, celebrity interviews and personal interest stories to the masses through the 2016-2017 viewing season.  NBC announced Monday they will be renewing The Ellen DeGeneres Show and continue airing her hour-long talk show for the next four seasons.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has earned a total of 35 Daytime Emmy Awards in the first eight seasons.  The show has also won a Genesis Award and a GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding Talk Show Episode”.  DeGeneres has won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Comedian” for three years in a row, and has won eleven People’s Choice Awards.

DeGeneres’ unique blend of down-to-earth humor, vulnerability, and practical jokes with her guests, along with her human-interest The-Ellen-Degeneres-Show-8th-November-miley-cyrus-32697994-1222-832stories and ability to connect with her audience has made her staple of daytime television for the past nine seasons and a must-watch hour for the many viewers.

From the beginning of the show until the credits roll, there is a distinctive and fun cadence that keeps the audience going; whether you are part of her studio audience, or viewing from home, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is certain to lift your spirits.  When DeGeneres comes out dancing, the audience has no choice but to join in.

On the show’s website under their Frequent Asked Questions, they list “What goes on during commercial breaks?” as one of their questions; the answer, “It’s kind of like a huge dance party! The DJ spins some beats and the studio audience goes crazy in the aisles: dancing, singing and carrying on. Our audience warm-up person hands out Ellen T-shirts to people with the best and weirdest dance moves. I nap!”

DeGeneres and her guests have fun on the show; she shows Facebook photos of people in her audience, she shows unintentional sent text messages “Clumsy Thumbsy”, she has a segment on “Paid for Photos”, and she plays fun games with her celebrity guests.

Ellen_Degeneres_Covergirl_01So, congratulations, Ellen!  We’ll be watching.

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