Eugene Maraventano killed wife and son over HIV fear

Arizona Man Murders Wife, Son, Then Fails at Suicide

63-year-old Eugene Maraventano felt guilty about having had sex with prostitutes years earlier.  He was fearful that he had passed the HIV virus onto his wife, Janet.  So several days ago he stabbed her to death as she slept.  He then proceeded to kill his 27-year-old son.  Maraventano was afraid Bryan was mentally disabled because he didn’t have a girlfriend, was unable to find a job, and played video games all day.

He stabbed his son twice as he opened his bedroom door.  When he called 911 on Saturday, he told police he didn’t think Bryan could survive without his parents.

Police report that he failed at a suicide attempts, and called to inform them he had killed them several days Eugene Maraventano killed wife and son over HIV fearearlier.  He said he had tried to kill himself several times, but “just couldn’t do it”.

When Maraventano worked in New York he frequently had sex with prostitutes.  His wife had been ill recently, and he was afraid she had cancer or had become infected with the virus that produces AIDS.  When all tests for cancer came back negative, he assumed it was the latter.

While in the hospital, he told police he had tried to slash his wrist, smother himself with a plastic bag he had taped shut, and placed a knife handle against the wall and pushed his chest into it.  They all failed, and that’s when he decided to call the authorities.

Police recovered a suicide note written to an older son admitting his actions.

It all makes sense to me, that’s how I would have handled it.  It is very unusual for a twenty-some year old to lay around playing video games all day.  (And, yes, I am being satirical.)

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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