Louisville’s Kevin Ware’s surgery a success


Louisville’s Kevin Ware’s surgery a success

Last night during the Louisville and Duke game. Louisville’s Kevin Ware broke his right leg after coming down from a leap after attempting to block a shot. The game was delayed 10 minutes with 6:33 left in the first half. Before Kevin was loaded into a stretcher and taken to a local hospital.

Kevin Ware underwent surgery Sunday night, doctors repaired an open fracture of his right tibia.

Kevin Ware had to have his bone reset, and a rod inserted into his leg during the operation which lasted approximately two hours. The wound was caused by the bone puncturing through his skin in his lower leg was closed.

The Louisville sophomore is expected to remain in Indianapolis through Tuesday. As his mother who resides in Atlanta will make her way to Indianapolis to be by her son’s side along with Ware’s girlfriend who was in attendance at the game.

No timetable has been given for Ware’s recovery. However, sports medicine director Hina stated , “Ware is bound for a lengthy recovery, but the injury is not likely a career-ending one. “It’s an injury that needs to be dealt with in a swift fashion due to the fact that it was open, and there are infection concerns, and then obviously you need to stabilize that fracture. One thing you have to establish is, is there circulation below the fracture? Did he disrupt any arteries or veins? Once we establish that, it’s stabilizing the fracture as tight as we can so that it doesn’t move.”

“Because it was a weight-bearing bone and it was such a difficult injury, it will take a while,” Hina said. “But he will play again,” Hina continued.

Dr. Craig Roberts, chairman of Louisville’s department of orthopedic surgery said, “It was very dramatic, very deformed. I hate to use the word grisly, but it brought me back to Joe Theismann.”

“It looks like what we call a bending fracture — like snapping a pencil with your finger. There was a significant amount of force, and the angle looked about right,” Dr Roberts continued.

Along with Hina’s prognosis, Dr Roberts also believes Kevin Ware will eventually return to basketball. As for how long his recovery it will depend on the hardware inserted in Ware’s leg.

-Kelly J Newson

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