Mary Annae Rapp New York Nun accused of stealing $128,000

Mary Anne Rapp New York Nun accused of stealing $128,000

Proving Nuns are Human Too

An audit in an upper New York State church discovered missing funds, and the trail led to a nun.  Sister Mary Anne Rapp is facing a grand jury, accused of embezzling 128,000 dollars from two churches between 2006 and 2010.  She worked at St. Mary’s and St. Marks.

When a new pastor was installed linking the two churches, the missing money was discovered.  According to Kevin Keenan, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, the pastor discovered “some irregularities” that were then reported to a county prosecutor.

“These are smaller parishes in a rural part of the diocese,” Keenan said. “Regardless of the size, this would be a significant amount of money for any parish.”

The nun is expected to plead guilty to the charges.  She told authorities she had a gambling problem, and spent the money at western New York casinos.

When she is sentenced on July 1st, she is expected to receive a six month sentence.  She will also be required to pay restitution, the terms of which are to be decided at a later date.

“She’s been a nun for a very long time, been a very good person, never in any trouble before,” said Rapp’s attorney, James Harrington, according to The Associated Press. “She did great work wherever she was assigned.”

I remember a very popular movie when I was much younger.  It was called the “Singing Nun”.  Its star was Debbie Reynolds, and Greer Garson played “Mother Superior”.

I see another ‘nun’ movie, a comedy starring Joan Cusack, called the “Gambling Nun”.  Could be funny!

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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