Our government is intentionally dividing us

Our government is intentionally dividing us

Where Are You, America?

This is an open letter to all Americans.  I want to ask the question, “where do you stand”?  Do you stand with your fellow citizens, or do you stand with a corrupt group of politicians, lobbies, and big business who own them?

Our government is intentionally dividing us.  When I say ‘us’, I mean the average American who works hard every day to support our families, and sometimes just to survive.  But Democrats and Republicans want to divide us into “red states”, and “blue states”.  And they’re doing a damn good job of it.

Our Constitution, the very core of our legally protective society, begins with “We the People”.  “We” don’t exist anymore.  The facts are that our form of government, a democratic representation has failed.  237 years of elected officials have produced corruption in the form of professional politicians.  Once they have achieved election, they throw the promises they made in the nearest round receptacle.

Today, a proposal, which was approved by a vast majority of Americans, was defeated by a lobby with lies and fear tactics.  Extensive background checks, before criminals and mentally unstable individuals could purchase weapons of mass destruction, would have been necessary for online and gun show purchases.  Many members of the NRA approved of them, as did all sensible Americans.  The Senate of the United States denied the concerns of the voting public.  They put their financial support ahead of the personal safety of the many.

Disagreement and healthy discussion is important in a free civilization.  My brother and I disagree on most elements of our society.  That’s a good thing.  But our government has created a division between family and friends that will destroy the United States of America.  And that’s their goal.

As long as a single lobby is allowed to exist, our government is no more than a group of men and women who are “bought and paid for”.  Both parties parade in front of the nation pretending to have differences of opinion on the issues.  In reality, their only goal is domination of the country.

I am fully aware that many of you will look at my ranting as a ‘conspiracy theory’.  It’s far from it, just look at the facts.

First, look at the voting record of your Congressmen and Senators.  How often do their votes align with the polls taken of the American public?  How often do they pursue emotional issues when seeking election or re-election?  How much wealth have they accumulated while in office?  Do they spend more time working for you and your state, or running for election?  Has your congressmen pledged his loyalty to you or a lobbyist such as Grover Norquist?  Has your President promised to protect the elderly and the working class, only to surrender to his opposition for political gain?

The banking industry was bailed out by taxpayer’s money.  Corporate farmers and the oil companies continue to receive subsidies while the average American pays more for gas, food, and all other necessities.

If you honestly appraise our country, it has become a dictatorship.  Professional politicians make decisions for their own gain, not for the benefit of the average American.  Our votes and concerns do not count.  And our government has used fear tactics and emotional buttons to divide a country that should be united against the real evil.  The Washington coalition, the President, the Senate, and the House, decide for us how life will be.  The control of our daily lives is determined with the financial support of special interests which fund lobbyists.

Every issue important to the majority of Americans, women’s rights, same-sex marriage, immigration reform, second amendment rights and gun control, the elimination of government waste, and tax reform, are ultimately the focus of emotional and derisive attacks.  There is no debate, they are used to control the minds of voters, and force divisiveness among the majority.

Some form of revolution must occur in our country.  Our founding fathers feared what has now happened.  We have the ultimate evil, ‘professional politicians’.  We have a movement to create a national religion.  And, thanks to the electoral college, we now have a situation where our votes often have no value.

I was an independent, and did not vote for a Democrat or Republican for almost 30 years.  I saw the evil of a two party system as a very young and politically savvy young man.  But when George W. Bush became the crony candidate of the Republican Party, I signed on as a Democrat.  I told my wife, “I cannot envision a man being President who is not as intelligent as I am”.

I’m not claiming to be any sort of genius, but I firmly believed an ‘ordinary’ man should not lead my country.  And his record proved he was less than that.

I rallied and campaigned for Barrack Obama.  I believed he possessed the ilk of Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and JFK.  I was wrong.  He lacks the courage to always do the right thing.  His capitulation to the extreme right has convinced me that he lacks the fortitude to fight for the promises he made when he was running for election.

So, where are you my fellow citizens?  Will you stand with your neighbor, or support a political party that cares for one thing, and one thing only, your vote.  Have you had an angry discussion with your friends or family based on an issue that Democrats or Republicans have intentionally targeted as emotionally volatile?

I am more liberal than conservative, but I am not your enemy.  I respect your right to an opinion, and I want to hear it.  Our government is the enemy.  They have an age old philosophy, “divide and conquer”.

With the aid of the American press, who seldom report the truth, we, the people, have been manipulated.  Our federal employees, who supposedly work for us, do not participate in social security, Medicare, or any other retirement benefit their employers must invest in.  They will be the beneficiary of lifelong health care and retirement they don’t want you to have.  The sad reality is that the average worker has paid into programs that these privileged few want to destroy, and for their own financial benefit.

I love quotes, whether they be humorous or poignant.  One applies to my essay with definitive accusation.  “We have met the enemy, and they are ours.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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