Police Gunfight Explosions Reported in Watertown, Massachusett

Police Gunfight Explosions Reported in Watertown, Massachusett

A Police gunfight and explosions are being reported near Dexter Street in Boston, Mass.

Late Thursday and into Friday morning a situation developed on MIT campus.  During a firefight with unknown gunmen an MIT Police Officer was shot to death after taking multiple wounds.  Campus Police and Boston PD gave chase to the gunmen who hijacked a vehicle.  The chase led into Watertown where a confrontation took place.  Law Enforcement have one suspect in custody, although they caution that they believe another gunman is at large..

At least one officer was injured in the firefight on Dexter Street.  That officer was not seriously injured and was removed from the scene without incident.

As the scene began to calm at least one explosion boomed out through the night.  Press in the area are being moved very far from the scene.  A reporter on the scene asked an officer if there were bombs in the area, and the officer is quoted as saying, “you just heard that loud bang, didn’t you?”

At least one arrest was made during the Dexter Street confrontation.  Another individual was detained due to having a backpack that was similar to the ones used in the Boston Marathon, but this individual was released without incident.  The second suspect is still at large.

At least one officer was wounded during the confrontation on Dexter Street.

UPDATE – 3:09 AM EST – Gunfight suspects have a strong link to the MIT shooting.  There was some confusion earlier about the identity of the suspects in the shooting but law enforcement is closing in on a direct link.

Police and FBI on the scene are stating that the multiple suspects in last night’s bombing and shootings may be the suspects in April 15th’s marathon bombing.  Several officers were overheard referring to two of the suspects on the scene as “Suspect 1” and “Suspect 2”.  The same officers stated that, “Suspect 1 is in custody”.

Police are warning everyone in Watertown, Mass and surrounding areas to stay in their home.  Police sources are quoted as saying that “explosives are everywhere”.  The suspects allegedly threw explosives out of the hijacked vehicle as they traveled.

Update – 3:55 AM EST – Law enforcement will begin detonating explosives left behind by suspects around Dexter and Laurel.  Air horns will sound prior to detonations to warn citizens.