Police Shootout With Marathon Bombers in Boston

Police Shootout With Marathon Bombers in Boston

Police Shootout With Marathon Bombers in Boston; Officials: They Are Terrorists

Thursday night and Friday morning’s shootout in Boston has been confirmed to be with the Marathon Bombers.  Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has gone on record as stating that they are treating the suspects as terrorists.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Suspect 1 has been killed during the shootout.  Suspect 2 is still on the loose.  A massive manhunt is going on to find him.

Thursday evening at MIT an MIT Police Officer was shot and killed by the Marathon Bombers.  They escaped by carjacking a vehicle which was later discovered by police in Watertown.  Police gave chase to Dexter Street in Watertown, Mass.  At that location a firefight broke out.  At least one law enforcement official was wounded, and Suspect 1 was killed.  Initial reports state that the officer was not seriously wounded but new reports state that his wounds are substantial.  That officer is listed in critical condition at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge.

Officials are stating that during the chase the suspects were detonating explosives which were thrown at police giving chase.  No police are reported as being harmed by the devices.  Several devices did not detonate.

A name or names for the suspects is reported to be known at this point, but have not been released as they have not been verified.  Unofficial channels have stated that the names of the suspects are Suspect 1, Mike Mulugeta and  Suspect 2,  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass.

If you are in the Watertown Mass area, please stay inside as officers are quoted saying “explosives are everywhere” and do not open your door to anyone other than a uniformed police officer.  Police also wish to forewarn drivers that they should not stop for anyone other than a uniformed police officer.

If you spot Suspect 2, do not engage him and call police immediately.  It is believed he is armed with at least one firearm and that he still has explosive devices on his person.

Update – 4:45 AM EDT – An MTBA bus has arrived to begin evacuating residents from the neighborhood of Laurel and Dexter, where several undetonated devices are still in the area.

Update – 4:50 AM EDT – Sources are stating that there are three injured officers at the Boston Police Department command post.  More than a dozen police in riot gear with rifles present at Target on Arsenal just past the mall.

Update – 4:55 AM EDT – An unknown incident is taking place at the Westgate Apartments on Memorial Drive.  The Westgate Apartments are an MIT housing facility.  Security officals at the Mall near Arsenal have opened the door so that officials can access the property.

Update – 5:10 AM EDT – The Westgate Apartments incident was a suspicious package report.  The package has been determine to be of no threat.  Sources are stating that Suspect 1 died due to detonating a suicide bomb strapped to his chest.

Update – 5:26 AM EDT – Suspect 1 confirmed dead from blast injury and gunshot wounds.  Sources state the blast injury was a suicide bomb strapped to his chest.

Update – 5:40 AM EDT – A negotiator has been requested by Boston PD.

Update – 5:55 AM EDT – A suspicious person has been reported in the woods.  FBI taking interest in this information.  Noises have been reported in a garage on Irving Street.  Boston Police responding with less lethal shotgun rounds loaded.

Update – 6:00 AM EDT – The garage on Irving Street has been given the all clear.

Update – 6:01 AM EDT – Reports of a white male with a dark backpack trying to flag down random vehicles and hitch a ride at Beacon and Mass Pike Road.

Update – 6:15 AM EDT – Reports of white male hiding under overpass at Beacon and Mass Pike Road.

Update – 6:17 AM EDT – Sources state that three suspects are in custody after a taxi was stopped.  One of the three matches the description of Suspect 2.

Update – 6:33 AM EDT – Police are surrounding a vehicle at the intersection of Commonwealth and Charlesgate.  All police commanders ordered to report to headquarters at the mall.  No further officers will be sent to the taxi location.  Bomb squad is headed to both locations.

Update – 6:40 AM EDT – The Associated Press reports that both bombers were Russians from a region near Chechnya.  Chechnya is well known for its violent terrorist factions.  Associated Press releases the name of Suspect 2 as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass., previously of Russia.

Update – 7:01 AM EDT – Controlled demolition of pipe bomb.  EMT requested at unknown location.  AP submits corrected information; suspects are not from Russia and are from Chechnya.

Update – 7:10 AM EDT – Charlesgate, a senior housing facility, is being shut down.  A device has been found and will be detonated.

Update – 7:22 AM EDT – Sources state that suspect may be in a taxi heading to the Moakley Federal Courthouse.  The media is ordered to stay far away from Suspect 2’s apartment on the 400 block of Norfolk Street as it is an extremely hazardous area.

Update – 7:30 AM EDT – Multiple units requested at Moakley Federal Courthouse.  One person is in custody at 408 Atlantic Avenue.

Update – 7:45 AM EDT – Person removed from Norfolk Ave, the street that Suspect 2 lives on, in handcuffs.

Update – 8:10 AM EDT – MBTA Police Chief releases the name of the officer shot during the gunfight as Richard H. Donahue.

Update – 8:22 AM EDT – Officers warned that Suspect 2 may be wearing a suicide vest as they have found a vest triggering mechanism on the person of the woman removed from the apartment.

Update – 8:35 AM EDT – Officers are being ordered to obtain hard cover immediately.  Suspect has been spotted.