Reims, France Apartment Building Explodes Killing 2, Injuring 9

Reims, France Apartment Building Explodes Killing 2, Injuring 9

REIMS, France was the scene of a four-storey apartment building explosion, which killed 2 and injured 9 others.

According to local authorities, the explosion caused the building, in the heart of the Champagne region, to collapse.

A spokesman for the Reims fire department told news outlets that officials suspect a gas explosion caused the collapse leaving people caught underneath the wreckage of the fragmented building remains.

An account of fatalities after the accident suggests that two people were dead and still buried under pieces of exploded parts of the building.

One firefighter was reported to have said: “There are many victims… We have very little information on the state of the victims.”

According to another report, A photographer present at the scene said victims were still buried under the rubble of the building.

Mayor Adeline Hazan stated that “a very powerful explosion” had taken place but the cause was unclear.

The Guardian Express will continue report the latest news surrounding this tragic incident as soon a more information becomes clear.

D. Chandler contributed to this report.

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