Republican Party uses Boston Marathon bombing to denounce immigration reform

Republican Party using Boston Marathon bombing to denounce immigration reform

The Extreme Right Wing Continues to Search for Ways to Stop Immigration Reform

The racist, and extreme right wing of the Republican Party is looking for ways to denounce bipartisan immigration reform.  Now they’re using the Boston Marathon bombing as a reason.

Their complaint is that the Tsarnaev brothers, who are suspected of detonating bombs at the Boston Marathon Monday, were given visas to live in the United States about a decade ago.

The family was given visas for the U.S. under the provisions of protecting migrants from ethnic, religious or political persecution.

The older brother was a ‘permanent resident’, and the younger had received his citizenship just last year.

Anyone who knows about the “good old white boy’s” attitude towards immigration is fully aware that this is merely an attempt to derail a plan that is sensible, fair, but tough.

If they truly believed that our government mistakenly allowed the brothers refuge in our country, than we would have to evict tens of thousands more.  Many of our Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Cuban citizens were granted visas under the same guidelines.

On Friday, during a Judiciary Committee hearing, Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa questioned whether “lawmakers were moving forward too quickly on the proposal”.

Too quickly?  This should have happened under the Reagan administration when legislation was passed that had no enforcement provision.

Conservative radio was quick to denounce the bipartisan plan based on the Boston bombings.

One conservative radio talk show host said the Senate’s new amnesty plan was now dead on arrival. However, a number of Republican senators in support of the reform proposal acted quickly to rebut their conservative opponents.

With Republicans and red states renewing their war on women and Hispanics, the 2014 mid-term election is getting more and more interesting.  Republicans could lose many more seats in the House and Senate.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

7 Responses to "Republican Party uses Boston Marathon bombing to denounce immigration reform"

  1. J   April 20, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    He received his citizenship on 9/11/12 and used his freedom to bomb innocents. Immigration should not be stopped, but has to be stricter.

  2. Phil Hicks   April 20, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    What does this writer do for a living? Is it Guardian policy to have columns that are so slanted as to border on propaganda? The opponents of this immigration reform bill are doing what the people sent them to do.; reading the bill and giving their honest opinion of the effects of it. Has this person read the bill? Does he know how damaging it would be top the sovereignty of the US. Tis legislation would be the death knell of life in our country as we know it. (Not to say a tipping point to our electoral process.)

    There are numerous existing laws on the books that are intended to control immigration. Recent administrations have failed or refused to comply with them. Allowing people to cross our border in, what can be characterized as and invasion, is impossible to understand or tolerate. There are almost as many illegal aliens in our country as there are legal resident on the UK. The official estimate is 10 to 15 million. The true number is closer to 30 million. The costs to our country to support the hoard is in the billions of dollars. Most of these law breakers pay no taxes. They clog our schools, fill our emergency rooms as their primary care service, fill our jails with their criminals, are responsible for a large portion of the crime, are the main source of gang activity and drug supply. No, we don’t want them and want to have them removed from our country not made citizens.

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