Rick Perry Deserves an Apology?

Does Rick Perry Deserve an Apology?Ohman_cartoon_426


Republican Governor, and wannabe President, Rick Perry, is offending, I’m sorry, I meant offended.  He is angry that a cartoon was published in last Thursday’s Sacramento Bee pointing a finger at him for being one of the reasons a fertilizer plant exploded in the city of West, Texas, killing 14 people, most of them first responders.

Perry has continually pushed for less regulation for all business in the state of Texas.  He is a fan of big business, and has always displayed a lack of concern for worker’s rights and safety.

In answer to Perry’s complaint, the editor of the Bee responded:

“Jack Ohman’s cartoon of April 25 made a strong statement about Gov. Rick Perry’s disregard for worker safety, and his attempts to market Texas as a place where industries can thrive with few regulations,” said Stuart Leavenworth, the paper’s editorial page editor. “It is unfortunate that Gov. Perry, and some on the blogosphere, have attempted to interpret the cartoon as being disrespectful of the victims of this tragedy.”

Perry is simply another politician who can’t handle the truth, who is actually afraid of it.

Ohman’s cartoon will be published with this article.  His personal response to readers and Perry is as follows:

“The Texas governor’s campaigning notwithstanding, should I have used the explosion as a vehicle to illustrate my point? I did. I stand by it,” Ohman wrote.

No sensible, compassionate person would belittle the loss of life of courageous and innocent individuals who gave their lives attempting to save others.  The truth is, the plant had been in violation of regulations.  And nothing had been done about it.

The attack was aimed at Perry and Perry alone, and deservedly so.  His policies of business first and public safety last is representative of hundreds of other politicians whose campaigns depend on contributions from big business.

Although complaints continue against Ohman and the editor of the Sacramento Bee, I stand by their right to tell the truth, to point a finger at one of the root causes for the disaster.  Just imagine what our country would be like if someone like him ever wins the Presidency.  One like him had a chance last November.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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