Mitch McConnell Campaigning for Re-election

Mitch McConnell is Campaigning for Re-election

Mitch McConnell is Campaigning for Re-election

 The man who organized the “do nothing except prevent Obama from being re-elected” effort, and failed, is beginning his re-election campaign for November, 2014.  We are of course talking about Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, (R), from Kentucky.

He says he is actually going to introduce a piece of legislation.  Of course, it won’t affect 99.99% of Americans.  It will affect about 14,000 laborers in his own state of Kentucky.

His goal is to stop the EPA from using what he calls “a back door policy” to slow or cease coal production in his state.  He claims they are sitting on permits and purposely delaying production by the coal mining industry.

He will introduce it when the Senate comes back from another vacation next week.  Staying true to his campaign efforts, it will be called “The Coal Jobs Protection Act”.

The legislation will force the EPA to deny or approve permit applications within a 270 day limit.  If no action is taken, they will automatically be approved.  He says this will also be beneficial to “farmers, homebuilders, realtors, transportation-industry workers, municipalities and manufacturers by stopping the EPA from imposing a “back-door national energy tax” by regulating carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants under the Clean Air Act”.

Although the bill is likely to be defeated by Senate Democrats, there is no guarantee.  Democrats seldom bond together on the issues.  But with the President’s efforts to seek clean, alternative energy sources, McConnell’s legislation should end up being only what it really is, a campaign speech.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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