Twinkies are Back

Twinkies are Back!  We Can All Sleep Again

 Hostess Brands announced that it will be making the famous snack foods in Indiana and Illinois, after announcing last week that it will reopen in Georgia and Kansas.

After the original company filed for bankruptcy and closed their bakeries, we baby boomers began to have cravings, even though many of us haven’t had a ‘Twinkie’ in years.

There was a sigh of relief when private equity groups Apollo Global Management and Metropolis & Co bought the name brands for a reported 410 million dollars including Dolly Madison and 5 plants.  They are now called “Hostess Brands”.

Labor unions were concerned that the new company would discriminate during its hiring process.  A strike was the final cause of the already failing Hostess Company’s demise.  But Hostess Brands claims that will not happen.  They will hire the most experienced and most qualified applicants.

They hope to have your favorite snack cakes back on shelves by the end of July.  Just in time for them to be packed into school lunches in August.  They didn’t say anything about Wonder Bread, you remember, that nice, soft, gooey bread, that had red, yellow, and blue balloons on its wrapper?

Ah, childhood memories.  I can’t believe we never became overweight.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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