Sheriff Eugene Crum shot twice while eating lunch in his car

Sheriff Eugene Crum shot twice while eating lunch in his car

Is a War Beginning Between Legal Authorities and Drug Dealers?

Mexican cartels have assassinated law enforcement and prosecutors at will.  When they are challenged for their illegal activities, and prior to legal action, they torture and kill those who have the courage to name them and threaten their prosecution.  Cartels control much of the country, and everyday citizens live in fear of them.  They are likely to side with them versus the authorities for fear of encountering torture and death.

Are we beginning to see similar occurrences in the United States?

Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum was shot twice in the head today while eating his lunch in his car outside the courthouse in West Virginia in the town of Williamson.  Crum was known for “being hard” on drug traffickers.

His execution style shooting was the work of Tennis Melvin Maynard, age 36.  He was pursued by Sheriff Eugene Crum shot twice while eating lunch in his car police and eventually wounded in a shootout.  There is no motive known for the murder at this time.

Evan Ebel killed Tom Clements, who was the director of Colorado State Prisons, at his home.  Ebel was a member of the white supremacist gang 211 Crew.

An error by the judge in Ebel’s case allowed him to be released years beyond his intended sentence.  After killing Clements, he fled the scene and was eventually the casualty of a police shootout in Texas.  Comparison of gun casings at both scenes have labeled Ebel the shooter.

Assistant District Attorney for Kaufman County, Texas, Mark Hasse, was gunned down in late January while walking to work.  Saturday, his boss, District Attorney McClelland, 63, and his wife, Cynthia, 65, were murdered by an assault rifle in their home.

Since April 2, 2012, 28 police officers have been killed nationwide, according to preliminary data by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Of those deaths, 13 were caused by guns.

Has an undeclared war begun between law enforcement and gangs involved in criminal activity?

Many of these gangs are in the control of individuals already serving sentences in state prisons.  Violence is the new order of America.  Criminal organizations have no fear of reprisal by law enforcement, because failing their gangs would produce far worse consequences.  With the ability of almost anyone to obtain any type of weapon desired in most states, citizens are better armed than police and sheriffs.

Claims by the NRA that “a good guy with a gun is the best defense against a bad guy with a gun” is utter bullshit.  I believe law enforcement officers are armed individuals, and they are being murdered at will.

Now the NRA is under the delusion that armed individuals in our schools are the answer to protecting our children.

When a deranged individual decides to attack law enforcement or innocent children, he will be better prepared than those who are sworn to defend against such acts.

Our federal government is cowardly and useless for the purpose it was intended.  So far 4 courageous states have taken action to protect their citizens.  And, if the truth were revealed, that is the way our founding fathers intended it.  Reading the history of the second amendment, it was obvious that the regulation of weapons was intended to be a state’s matter.

If there is a war on those in the legal profession there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Individuals have the ability to purchase far more effective weapons than does law enforcement.  They are everywhere, and they are available.

Gun manufacturers have no conscience.  The have profit motive.  Death of the righteous is simply collateral damage for them.  In a country ruled by money versus people, profiteers are winning.  The statistics are frightening.  Criminals are rarely killed by guns.  Innocent people are the vast majority of the victims.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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