The U.S Department of Homeland Security: the stage of hell in the earth

The U.S Department of Homeland Security the stage of hell in the earth

The spy activity against civilians increased in the United States due to national government propaganda aimed against physical and psychological against their enemies. The internet is being searched all the time, with the help of the FBI and CIA, to identify likely enemies of the government of Barack Obama.

The implementation of martial law has brought about fear, impoverishment and major threat to individual liberties of citizens. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, created by George W. Bush, has quietly acted as a scapegoat in the implementation of a police state aggressor and totally corrupt. Its action has been introduced in people’s minds that the cause of economic and political chaos is in the bosom of Islamic terrorism and the constant threat of China taking for himself the control of world hegemony due to conflicting situation existing in the balance of payments of its country.

This country has an exorbitant bill to pay because of their constant debt by importing products, leaving them vulnerable at the time of making use of restrictive international competition. China has a giant reserve in dollars (estimated 13 million) and has played an important role in trade disputes at the World Trade Organization (OMC). In this way, citizens will face acute attacks henceforth no other alternative except to prepare for tighter control and violence, with security measures of misplaced moral and ethical principles to humans. What will be the next mission of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in order to contribute to the maintenance plan of the national government oppression?

Written By: Tiago Silveira

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