Todd Akin and Allen West most out-of-control congress members

Todd Akin and Allen WestElection Losers Waste More Taxpayer Money

The Huffington Post is revealing the hypocrisy of TEA Party members Todd Akin and Allen West.

Two of the most critical members of congress on the subject of out-of-control government spending and relentlessly calling for major cuts to social programs, Akin and West spent as much of the government’s money as possible after losing their election bids in November.

Akin nearly doubled his staff’s pay for the last quarter.  He increased their pay by 98%.  West acted similarly.

Nine out of the top ten spenders were Republicans.  Retiring Democrat Gary Ackerman of New York was the most generous with public funds.

Bonuses for staff members are based on the remaining budget money at the end of the year.  They generally average about 16.5%.

This discovery should come as no surprise.  Both Democrats and Republicans have been guilty in the past of similar practices.

The focus of the article was to spotlight the universality of unethical practices by our government officials.  It also points out that the TEA Party is being untruthful when they claim to care about government spending.  They are not different from other Republicans.  Their purpose for seeking election is money and power.  Running under the guise of a “reformer” allows them to receive enormous campaign funds from wealthy TEA Party backers.

The overall problem with our government is that they are “not like us”.  Members of the House and Senate have set themselves above their constituents.  They are living a lavish life style, while voters struggle.  They are in the upper level income bracket.  They have benefits for life that far exceed what the vast majority receive from Medicare and social security.  Simply put, they are out of touch with most of America.

I’d like to see them live on “minimum wage”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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