World War Z Trailer at CinemaCon 2013

World War Z Trailer at CinemaCon 2013
Paramount Pictures’ STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, PAIN & GAIN and WORLD WAR Z presentations at CinemaCon Expo 2013 in Las Vegas.

Paramount’s World War Z has been gaining notoriety lately, ever since set pics of star Brad Pitt started hitting the Net. The adaptation of author Max Brooks’ ‘oral history of the zombie war’ has always had a question mark hovering over it, since the format of book involved a U.N. employee interviewing survivors of the zompocalypse about their experiences.

That’s a tricky narrative format to translate to film. Director Marc Forster could’ve snagged some great dramatic actors for a movie made in the style of a faux documentary; however, a lot of people figured that the World War Z film would go the route of, say, Interview With a Vampire (also starring Pitt), with U.N. worker Gerry Lane’s (Pitt) survivor interviews being the frame for flashbacks to grisly zombie war action. When fans learned the movie was leaning toward a PG-13 rating, they figured the aforementioned format would still work, only with less grisly zombie war action.

It now appears as though the World War Z movie will be a far departure from Brooks’ novel.

Up until that moment, though, the trailer really doesn’t show us a ton that we haven’t seen already from the June 21 release. There are massive mounds of zombies in across cities all over the world, with Brad Pitt trying to figure out the root of the problem, and a strong family element at the center of the story.

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  1. Tranquil Bob   April 19, 2013 at 7:09 am

    SO it has nothing to do with the book at all. just a fast zombie action flick. I’ll wait for Netflix. there hasn’t been a movie worth spending $10.00 a ticket on in years.


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