Amanda Bynes wants you to stop caring about her and her crazy tweets (poll and video)


Amanda Bynes wants you to stop caring about her and her crazy tweets. That is, a satirical PSA video by a comedic group, Official Comedy, that was recently posted on YouTube suggests that is what Amanda would like people to do.

The former child star just can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. Amanda Bynes has been in the news just about every single day lately. The fake but very humorous PSA by Official Comedy about her deluge of recent crazy tweets and antics  states that maybe, just maybe, people are giving Amanda too much attention and they need to simply “stop caring.”

One of the comedians in the video said:

“We know it’s not easy, but you can take the first step. Go get a dog, take it for walks or something. Catch up on ‘Breaking Bad’… Try calling your parents.”

Another one stated:

“Just think somewhere scientists are working to cure cancer and you just retweeted ‘I want @drake to murder my vagina.”

And yet, despite Amanda Bynes’ crazy behavior of late, like her recent brushes with the law culminating in the NYPD busting her for allegedly possessing marijuana and a bong — which she (allegedly, in the bong’s case) threw out of her apartment window — people still care about her, and express their concern.

You might think that Bynes’ wacky shenanigans have made her lose most of her fans, but if you think that, you’d be wrong. The opposite is true, at least as far as her Twitter followers go.

Amanda Bynes, according to InTouch magazine, has reached the impressive milestone of having one million followers on Twitter. That has since increased to 1.5 million.

Not only that, but also according to the same magazine, Bynes managed to gain 300,000 of her followers within only eight days.

More power to her — I am not a hater.

But, the way she has gained those followers, through some rather…eccentric behavior that some might call crazy and personally degrading…and her twitting things that are often controversial and which even might be used against her in court makes me want to say to her, if I could see her in person:

“Stop, just stop already. You have a ton of talent, so use that to increase your fan base, not nutty behavior and outlandish tweets.”

Even if I ever did meet Amanda Bynes in person, though, I somehow doubt that she’d take my kindly directed advice, perhaps especially as her actions and tweets have gotten her more publicity recently than she’s probably had in years.

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

And, I suppose that Lindsay Lohan could use a good bunkmate, if the pair ever happen to wind up at the same rehab clinic or jail cell together in the future.

Whatever your personal feelings might be about Amanda Bynes, she certainly has provoked the attention of lots of people lately.

For that, I salute you, Amanda.

What follows is the PSA I mentioned so you can see it for yourselves and get a chuckle or two from watching it.

Also, just below that, there is a poll where you can chose your Favorite Crazy Amanda Tweet.


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Written by: Douglas Cobb




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