Amanda Byrnes On Twitter I Need Wig Help Stat

Amanda Byrnes Tweets I need wig help stat

We love how much Amanda Byrnes loves Twitter. A few hours after her arrest she tweeted that said she did not use drugs and needed a new nose job, she tweeted again that she needed some wig help stat.

Amanda, who had a very bad day on Thursday by being denied entrance to a private jet for lack of identification and then got arrested for possession of marijuana and for throwing a bong out of her apartment window, was arraigned on Friday.

Immediately following her arraignment and her subsequent release on her own recognisance with a 9 July court date, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to get on her Twitter account and let her fans and the world know what was going on.

She first tweeted, “I only smoke tobacco I don’t drink or do drugs. I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get another nose job after seeing my mugshot!”

Then after seeing more of her “mug shots” her tweet took a different direction. She decided that the nose job needed to be accompanied by help of another sort, Amanda says she wants to get help for her wig.

No doubt about it, the ex-Nickelodeon child star, was not pleased with the appearance of her “fake” hair. With paparazzi pictures that made her look like Rapunzel with the worst bad hair day ever, she wasn’t pleased with her faux blond hair.

She tweeted, “I need Nicki Minaj’s wig person stat! :P”

The 27 year-old Byrnes was referring to the judge Nicki’s wild and wonderful wigs that she wears on American Idol. But speaking to another judge, the one at her arraignment, her lawyer Andrew Friedman told the bench, “My client completely denies illegally throwing anything out of her window.”

Which sounds reasonable except that the police officers who responded to the building manager’s call about her smoking pot went to her apartment on the 36th floor where they said that they saw heavy smoke and a bong sitting on the kitchen counter. They then said that she tossed the bong out the window in front of them.

Amanda said at the arraignment that she did not own a bong and that she’d thrown a vase out the window, which clearly shows, despite her attorney’s statement to the contrary, that she did indeed throw something out the window. It seems pretty obvious that not only was Byrnes smoking some “funny” tobacco, but it appears that her lawyer might be as well.

If her lawyer can get Byrnes to get her story straight and if she can remember throwing something out the window, whether it was a bong or a vase, it might behoove her to not rely on a defence that can so easily be refuted by eye witnesses. Or maybe she needs a new attorney. She can certainly afford one.

Amanda Byrnes claimed earlier this week that she is a millionaire and semi-retired, so she should be able to get a lawyer who can help her keep her facts straight. She has plenty of time with a court date of 8 July, so she should be able to sort something out. Just so long as she doesn’t get herself in any further trouble. If she can stay on twitter and get some of that wig help, stat, and keep out of jail, she may just be alright.

By Michael Smith


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