Selena Gomez Strips Herself Down On BBC TV Show Watch the Video

Selena Gomez Strips Down

Apparently Selena Gomez was so excited about being on The Graham Norton Show that she strips herself down to show us and the audience in the BBC studio and at home a bit more of what she has to offer while singing her latest song, the hit single Come and Get It.

Of course we aren’t talking about the young singer taking her clothes off, but taking the spectacle out of her performance. She strips herself down to the bare essentials in her performance and makes the song something more special because of it.

The singer always gives it her all when she sings and usually with a lot of fanfare, especially when she’s performing for the Awards circuit. For the Graham Norton Show, she left the frills behind and she got up close and personal with the microphone, the audience and the song.

She stripped her performance down to a sultry, soulful and gutsy rendition of the song, quite unlike her previous performances on the MTV VMAs, the Radio Disney Music Awards, and the Billboard Music Awards.

With just her band and a minimal back-up of two singers, she strutted it in a long dress with a bare middrift and a gold short jacket. The song and the stage felt more intimate and came across like a mini-ballad instead of an extravaganza.

There wasn’t any fancy footwork or accompanying dancers for her to intermingle with. There was just Selena and the song. The audience loved it and Graham Norton was actually shouting in praise of her performance.

Gomez was on the show to promote her new single.

Graham Norton is the number one show in the UK to be seen on. The popular Norton is a favourite with the public and his cheeky but sincere manner hits a high note not just with viewers but with guests as well. He is also not adverse to poking a bit of good natured fun at his more pompous guests.

Selena shared the spotlight with Jaden Smith on the BBC talk show.

This has been a good week for Justin Bieber’s “ex” what with getting included in the top ten best looking gals in bikini’s earlier in the week and with her appearance on The Billboard Awards and the rumour that just maybe she and Justin might be back together, she must be on a high at the moment.

Of course getting put at number 2 on Maxim’s 100 sexiest women of 2013, but she shares the limelight with Miley Cyrus in that at 20 years of age, she’s only just old enough to be on the list. If she or Miley were just that little bit younger, their inclusion would be so wrong!

Mind you, she just might be too busy to celebrate any upswings at the moment. Obviously Gomez is going to be spending a lot of time promoting her single and the video that was made for it. She will most certainly be doing the talk show circuit for a while and will be talking the talk and singing the song.

But talk shows aside, we decided to give you all a chance to see Selena Gomez’s stripped down version of her latest single, since you may not be able to get BBC where you live and while we can’t give you the whole TV show, we can show you the video of her song, courtesy of YouTube.


By Michael Smith


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