Hangover III a carbon copy of the first film

Hangover III a carbon copy of the first film

At least this time Todd Phillips and co-writer Craig Mazin have come up with some new beats in “The Hangover Part III,” instead of presenting a carbon copy of the first film. (Original writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are long gone, of course.) If you’re looking for plot, they’ve got one. It’s lazy, but at least it’s straightforward.

The hunt for Chow takes them to Mexico, for no very good reason, then back to Nevada, for closure (we hope).

Consider, if you dare, the plot. Sorry to be the deliverer of sad news, but the hangover is entirely missing from Hangover 3 There’s no booze. Instead, in a yarn that appears to be swiped from a moribund heist flick, there is bullion, a whole lot of ill-gotten gold that our four returning dudes – Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha are obliged to track down and give back to its villainous owner, without, as I mentioned, the aid of any alcoholic stimulants. That’s one way of looking at the so-called plot.

Another might be this: Four actors who got rich playing drunk are now chasing after more money sober. My advice is to forget the nonsensical text and focus on the more interesting subtext, which isn’t funny either but does raise an intriguing question. Watch the faces of our fab four, especially Cooper’s, and you’ll see that question writ large: “Can I totally phone in a performance and still collect my bullion?”

By Albert Angulo

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