Amanda Byrnes Tweets After Arrest for Drugs She Needs a New Nose Job

Amanda Byrnes Tweets about Nose Job
Amanda Byrnes has jumped on Twitter again to let all her fans know that she not only is innocent after being arrested for drugs but that she needs a new nose job.

It has been a rough week for the reality television star.

First she gets refused admission on a private jet because she didn’t have any “official” identification and the pilot wouldn’t even check her out on Google, because she’s “Amanda Byrnes!” Then she’s just hanging in her apartment smoking a splif, joint, or (fill in slang term for pot ciggie of your choice here) like you do after you’ve been so stressed and she gets narked on by her building manager.

Not only did she get ratted on, but, she threw her bong right out of the window. Luckily for her the police found it. Unluckily for her, it’s drug paraphernalia and pretty solid proof that she was puffing away on an illegal substance.

Let us not forget that in amongst all this excitement she has done the old, “Don’t you know who I am! The first time at the airport, in an entertaining variation, and the second when the police handcuffed her to take her down to the station.

Speaking of the station, she then gets photographed being taken into the station. An oddly quiet walk for the reality TV star who usually can’t stop talking about herself and she has to post bail to get out of jail.

It stood to reason that Twitter addict Byrnes would take to the social network to talk about her most recent “victimisation” although, again, she still hasn’t said anything about the “Google” incident.

The first chance the 27 year-old actress had she tweeted, “I only smoke tobacco I don’t drink or do drugs. I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get another nose job after seeing my mugshot! :D,”

But before she could tweet her version of the story, she had to appear in court for her arraignment. Prosecutor Chikaelo Ibeabuchi said, “The defendant was observed rolling a marijuana cigarette and throwing a bong out of the 36th floor window …. when there were people below.”

Amanda was charged with reckless endangerment, attempted tampering with evidence and marijuana possession.

Byrnes said in her defence that the “bong” was actually a vase and she added that she told the cops it was a vase.

But regardless of whether is was an object de art; something that you put flowers in; or, as alleged by the arresting officers, a bong, she has basically violated her probation. Assistant Prosecutor Danny Wei said to the Daily News that, “One of the conditions of her probation is obeying all laws … if there is a law violation, there could be a probation violation.”

He also said that prosecutors could argue she violated probation even without a conviction for the bong-shell allegedly dropped from her high-rise apartment.

It also looks like Amanda could face charges from the cabdriver who drove her home before her arrest by police. She owed the cabbie $27 and only gave him $20, thereby stiffing him seven bucks.

With the way her week has gone so far, she’ll be lucky if they don’t add littering onto her list of charges. On the bright side, though, if she goes to jail for a longer term she might just be able to get her hair done.

By Michael Smith


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