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Super Full Moon Tonight – Super Transformative

Make sure you get out under the skies tonight to see the super full moon which astrologers are calling ‘super transformative’. A super moon happens when the moon is at its nearest point to the Earth, thereby appearing much larger than at other times. With the third of 3 eclipses in a row (one lunar, one solar and now this one) we are in for a power punch of mystical energy to assist in major life-change. Though tonight is just a minor penumbral lunar eclipse, and will be not be visible to the naked eye, according to those who interpret the influence of the celestial bodies, it still has an effect on our psyches.

According to yogic traditions in India, any practice that you undertake during an eclipse is one thousand times more potent. So be mindful of what activities you engage in tonight. It’s not a bad time to do some sit-ups or simple yoga poses.  It is a great time to try meditating, if you’ve never given it a try, or to simply sit in stillness.  Imagine finding peace of mind and multiplying that by 1000?

The full moon reaches it’s maximum at 10:25pm (MT), with the eclipse at around 10:11pm (MT). The potency of the eclipse is said to be strongest a whole 12 hours before and after the height of the event.

Some say this is the most powerful full moon of the year, with a full moon in the sign of Sagittarius, we are in for high minded change. The words to describe this moon are “The Phoenix rises from the ashes of the past…recreate yourself and make a fresh start… experience a Brilliant Breakthrough” – says Mystic Mama astrology. How can you best take advantage of this Super Full Moon?

Get out under it

Being under the rays of the brightest and strongest full moon of the year is sure to charge you up with energy. It is an opportunity for spectacularly beautiful photos if you have the equipment, so gear up! Some cultures dance under the moon with the intention of bringing the potent energies of the moon into their lives. So while you are enjoying the rays of the moon, take just a moment to think about an area of your life that could use energizing and state that intention either silently to yourself, or better yet – scream it out to the sky! What’ the harm? Even if it sounds silly, what if it really works? What have you got to lose?

Reflection Time

Some suggest taking a look at your life over the past month, and what has been, you might say, dramatically unfolding. Perhaps it is in the realm of relationship, or at work, maybe your emotions have been getting the run around. This full moon affords an opportunity to release that which is no longer serving your highest expression of life and to embrace fully a more empowered version of you! Write a journal page or create a vision board, (if you are familiar). Don’t let this powerful moon just pass you by, after-all – it doesn’t happen every day!  A Sagittarius moon asks you to invest your energy into the areas of your life you would like to see expand – as it is associated with the planet Jupiter – the BIG planet, so think big. Is there a project you have been wanting to start? A relationship that is poised to take off? A job being offered to you that feels just one step ahead? Maybe there are parts of you that have, until now, remained hidden and are ready for bringing to the forefront. Now is the time!

Tonight, make sure you spend a few moments, or longer, under the light of the super full moon. It is sure to elicit at the very least, joy and perhaps even great transformation in your life and being.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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