Arrested Development top ten funniest quotes (videos and poll)

The countdown has begun! Arrested Development will return to Netflix with all new episodes Sunday morning at 3:00 a.m., which is great news to the legions of fans of the series. The Top Ten Funniest Moments in the original three years of the series is a hotly contested matter. I will leave it up to the fans to vote on their favorite quotes in a poll.

Arrested Development is one of those shows that just seems to get better with every re-watching of it. While you are counting down the days, hours, and seconds until you can view the new episodes early on Sunday morning, you can view these “Best of” videos and voice your opinions on which of the ten Arrested Development quotes in the poll below is the funniest.

There are many elements about each episode of Arrested Development that gives the series that genius quality that marks it as being one of the wittiest and LOL series of all time.

For instance,  each of the episodes focuses on a single character. Most of the major characters get at least two episodes they’re the focus of each season.

Another cool aspect about Arrested development is that often you can see several scenes from each episode replayed in two or more episodes from varying viewpoints. These sometimes reveal new information or they add a joke that wasn’t apparent before.

Watching the episodes back-to-back, you’re rewarded by being able to see how the running gags that have become the stuff of Arrested Development legend & lore play out, making you feel more like you’re a part of each of the episodes.

In the final episode of the third–and what most fans thought was the final–season of Arrested Development, hard-drinking matriarch Lucille (Jessica Walter) was caught by the Coast Guard after stealing the Queen Mary.

The first one of the fourth season finds the Bluth family still living in the city of Newport Beach, California. It reportedly fills in the gaps in the five years or so since. Lucille was put under house arrest.

That, and the collapse of the housing market, has not been kind to the rest of the Bluth family–even Michael, who’s job it’s been throughout the preceding seasons to do his best to hold the family together, despite their outrageous spending habits and wacky, off-the-wall behavior.


According to Jason Bateman, speaking about the character he plays, Michael Bluth:  “He always had a bit of a superiority complex, but he’s kind of been slapped into reality, and he’s definitely more vulnerable, exposed and a little ashamed. He’s looking to get his dignity back, and he stumbles on a couple ideas. But it’s a little pathetic.”

However, the rest of the Bluth clan are taking their failure even worse. Desperation of one form or another is not new to the Bluths, though, and have made for some extremely funny moments over the course of the first three seasons. That is a trend that fans of Arrested Development hope will continue with the fourth season.

A Who’s Who list of comedians will appear in the fourth season of Arrested Development. Ben Stiller will play the part of Gob’s magician nemesis, Tony Wilder, for example.

Other notable guest stars who will be in the new season are  guest stars  Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen, who play younger versions of Lucille and George Sr.. Also, the show wouldn’t be complete without the return of Henry Winkler as inept attorney Barry Zuckerkorn (Winkler’s son Max plays a younger version of him).

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, Isla Fisher, John Slattery, Carl Weathers, John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Andy Richter and Conan O’Brien will add to the show’s hilarity.

As well, recurring characters from the original run of Arrested Development will be back,  like Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli), Ann Veal (Mae Whitman), Kitty Sanchez (Judy Greer), Stan Sitwell (Ed Begley Jr.) and Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio).

Until Sunday, May 26, please make use of the poll below! Vote early and often! Viva la Arrested Development!


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Written by: Douglas Cobb

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