Angelina Jolie got a painful reminder why she had a double mastectomy

Her aunt died yesterday from breast cancer.

angelina jolie breast cancer

Angelina Jolie decided to undergo a double mastectomy in order to stay alive longer so she would be able to to see her kids grow up. Her Aunt would have wanted the same but she wasn’t aware that she had breast cancer. Her husband said: ‘‘Had we known, we certainly would have done exactly what Angelina did.’’ Debbie Martin, the younger sister of Angelina’s mother has passed away at age 61 in a hospital in Escondido, California. Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died from ovarian cancer in 2007 and this was the reason why Angelina got tested and ultimately chose to have the double mastectomy.

Before this operation there was an 87 percent possibility for Angelina to get breast cancer and now that threat level has decreased to 5 percent. She decided to get reconstructive surgery, however painful that decision might have been.

To this day many women around the world have been wondering about how she could make this decision and what possible thoughts/ worries and sorrow must have gone through her mind.

Such a beautiful woman with an enviable body, that she has worked so hard for and where babies materialised from.

How hard it must be for any woman to take this step and in particular a woman that is so much in the spotlight and whose job it is to look good and be an example for young girls. In addition the added stress of wondering if the paparazzi will find out and what they might make of it. Maybe they would have reported that she underwent breast surgery just for the enhancement effect!

Imagine going to the hospital and knowing that they will take away your boobs! Of course there is reconstructive surgery and if Angelina had decided to keep it a secret we probably wouldn’t even have seen the difference. However brave-a-lina decided to speak out about this issue and show other women that it can be done, even if you’re terrified and wonder why this “had to happen to you”. She all so showed us that : you still look every inch the woman you were before this operation.

Of course her biggest concern has always been and always will be her children. When she found out she had the BRCA1 gene she realised that with this gene there would be a huge possibility that she would get breast cancer very soon. (just like her mom had endured and died from.) This death sentence could be reversed for her or at least minimised if she underwent the double mastectomy.

It’s saddening that Debbie Martin couldn’t be saved. She did know what was going on a while back but it wasn’t during a point that something drastic like Angelina has done could be done for her as well. Her husband said the following about it: “Debbie [Martin] had the same defective BRCA1 gene that Jolie has, but didn’t know it until after her 2004 cancer diagnosis.”

At this point in time Angelina hasn’t released a statement concerning this tragedy.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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