Bachelorette party limo burst into flames killing 5 people including bride to be

Bride Said to be One of the Dead in Limo Fire

Bride Said to be One of the Dead in Limo Fire

In an update to the tragedy that happened on the San Mateo Bridge Saturday evening, of the five who died in the flames of a limousine fire, one was to be the bride.  It is now confirmed that the 9 women, all in their 30’s, were part of a bachelorette party when the limo caught fire.

It happened about 10 p.m. Saturday evening.  Smoke began to come from the rear of the vehicle.  The driver pulled to the side, and flames began to erupt.  The driver and four of the women managed to escape.  They, with the aid of some passersby, attempted to rescue the five left inside.  But their efforts failed.

One of those who escaped had severe burns, the others had smoke inhalation.

The owner of the stretch 1999 Lincoln limousine, a company called “Limo Stop”, is cooperating fully with authorities.  “We are very shocked,” said Limo Stop dispatcher Pam Kaur. “We are cooperating with the police.”

The company told reporters:  “The women were picked up in Oakland and were being taken to the Crowne Plaza hotel on Chess Drive in Foster City as part of a bachelorette party. The bride was killed in the fire, which apparently started in the back of the limo.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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