Beyonce Pregnant and Not Too Happy

So it is official, Beyonce is pregnant with singer husband Jay-Z and she is overjoyed at the news. What she is not too happy about were all the “sources” and “insiders” who were spreading the word before she was ready to announce it.

Rumours about the singer expecting were running rampant on the internet and all the other modes of media available to read, watch or listen to. The rumour mill reached fever pitch when Beyonce had to cancel her onstage performance in Belgium that was part of her world tour.

In the days running up to the cancellation, rumours were flying fast and furious about her “hiding” her new baby bump under a new “specially-made” Givenchy dress at the Met Ball gala. But despite the speculation about whether or not Blue Ivy would be getting a little baby brother or sister, the singer and her husband Jay-Z kept incredibly tight-lipped about the subject.

Beyonce has touched down in Zurich, Switzerland and is ready to get her Mrs Carter World Tour back on track after following doctors orders to have a rest after suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. She will be performing at the Hallenstadion Arena in Zurich.

The expecting mother will be heading to Milan tomorrow for her show in that city and then she’ll be hitting eight more cities, one of which will be the cancelled Antwerp Belgium performance that she had to postpone because of doctor’s orders. Her last show of the European leg of the tour will be in London on June 1.

E! News has reported that a source “close to the singer” relayed the news that this new turn of events is not expected to affect any of her North American tour dates which will start on June 28 in Los Angeles Staples Center.

But Beyonce’s tour aside, she was most definitely not happy with news of what she considered to be very private and personal information being openly speculated about by people close to her and the inferences that she was hiding her pregnancy became a bit of a sore point.

She was so upset that she posted a pretty angry and sharp note on Instagram where she addressed the rumour mongers head on.

Her written note was full of criticism and it looked like Beyonce was feeling pretty bitter at having her personal life dissected so blatantly.

The 31-year-old Mom-to-be seemed to be close to accepting the fact of the rumour mill but she did want to let folks know exactly how she really felt and get the last word on the topic.

The Instagram note stated: ‘I can’t stop the rumors from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.’

Obviously Beyonce had a change of heart or perhaps felt that she had made her point and didn’t want to “be-labour” it too much. The angry Instagram note has since been taken off of her account.

It is pretty obvious that irritation at the baby rumours haven’t spoiled the joy that Beyonce and Jay-Z feel about the upcoming new addition to their family unit.

By Michael Smith


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