David Beckham Emotional Exit

David Beckham had a very emotional and tearful exit as he said goodbye to Paris Saint-Germain fans on Saturday when he was replaced late in the club’s 3-1 victory over Brest. He hugged his teammates and opponents as he left the pitch to a standing ovation in the 81st minute.

Beckham has now apparently played his last ever soccer (football in the UK) game at the highest professional level. There have been rumors are that he will not take the field when PSG, already France’s Ligue 1 champion, plays its final game of the season.

As he walked to the sideline Saturday, tears rolled down his face. David obviously knew that the waterworks were only a matter of time.

Beckham said, “To end my career in front of a crowd like that, with players like that, it’s very special. It started about 20 minutes before that, to be honest. I started thinking and then, you know, I couldn’t concentrate by then, and it was difficult. You know, you try to hold the emotion back because it is what it is, but it’s difficult.”

The former England national star won championships with four clubs, beginning with Manchester United and continuing with Real Madrid, the Los Angeles Galaxy and finally Paris Saint-Germain.

As he was in his final MLS Cup title game with the Galaxy, Beckham celebrated his departure in postgame festivities with the Union Jack draped around his shoulders. Fans serenaded him with song and when he addressed the crowd, the Beatles classic “Hello, Goodbye” was played.

You can see David’s tearful exit on the video below. It seems that not only his fans will miss him, but his teammates as well.

By Michael Smith


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