Bill Gates says iPad users frustrated with lack of functionality

Bill Gates and Conan O'Brian play an Xbox game at CES in Las Vegas

Are Ipad tablets as useful as you think they are? As a loyal apple user my self its very hard to think of using other products when it comes to getting my technology fix in but according to our opposing team, Microsoft is picking up where Apple is lacking. Ipad users are “frustrated” says Bill Gates by the tablets lack of functionality and productivity applications. The cure for these down falls are the new Microsoft Surface tablet which has many features that the ipad and other tablets alike do not have. Gates told CNBC. “A lot of those users are frustrated. They can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have Office there.”

According to Gates also if you are familiar with using a PC you will also reek the same benefits from the PC in your tablet as in Microsoft Office and also of course with the wonderful mobile portability keyboard feature that every tablet should possess. To distinguish the difference between your tablet and your PC will be very difficult as the tablets functionality increases.

Although the Surface Pro is not as marketed as the ipad and can only be sold through the Microsoft website, Surface Pro is the way to go for more of an office on the go as you can create documents and the lowest storage capacity is 64 GB while the ipad sinks in at 16 GB. You can purchase one of these nifty tablets starting at $900.00 just a few dollars more than the ipad probably due to more storage space.

The performance runs like a an Ultrabook since it utilizes the same processor but once again hard to compare to the ipad since they are running on two different processors which makes them two different machines with two different personalities. When using the tablet you will also get to enjoy the high resolution wide screen while watching Netflix or playing games or reading the daily news with crisp vibrant text. The Surface Pro is very user friendly and very easy to navigate around on.

Brian Goddard, owner of GTechserv in Charlotte, N.C., says the Surface Pro is a superior offering compared to Apple’s tablet. “We look at the iPad as more of a secondary device rather than a primary device,” he said. “The Surface Pro is definitely a good fit for businesses because it has the horsepower and the apps that a straight tablet doesn’t have. So I’d agree with [Gates] — the iPad is more of a consumption device rather than a productivity device.” All and all whether you decide to make the decision to purchase a Surface Pro and make your ipad your secondary device all depends on your daily needs.

Written By: Mary Meroney

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