Bill Hader to Star in Jim Carrey movie “Yes man”

Bill Hader had a big day this week. First there was an announcement that he would be leaving Saturday Night Live and after that he was seen talking to the writers of Jim Carrey’s movie “Yes man”. He is rumored to have been approached by the duo writers to star in their new movie.

This time the writers, Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel, are going to direct the Indie movie which is titled ,for now, as “Lawless”.

The movie will be about a high school reunion committee chairman in Middle America. He can’t accept the fact that he has never been popular and he wants to feel just a bit of that, in his eyes, glorious feeling and therefore he wants to track down the most popular guy from their High School years. He imagines it will make him less of a loser and maybe even loved if he turns up to the 20th reunion with this person at his side.

The problem is that the popular guy from their heyday is now an actor in commercials. Mister Committee Chairman has to fly to LA in order to get the guy and in the meantime he finds himself in the middle of an abstruse universe inhabited by celebrities and lesser known men.

However you might be thinking who is Bill Hader and why should I care about this person who only had some cameo work on Men in Black 3 and a slightly bigger role on the comedy “Paul”.

Is he really the funniest guy on SNL? Will we miss Bill? Hard to say, however one character might be forever etched in our brains: we are talking Stefon!

Stefon is a garishly decked out thirty something guy who pretends to be twenty and being in the know of everything that is happening in the Big Apple that weekend. He gives hilarious tips and advice on where to go they are hilarious because it doesn’t make any sense and sometimes it even gives a frightening image. Think polar bears jumping through hoops while lighting your Manhattan cocktail for you in the meantime firing of a round on their paintball guns. Apart from this insanely un-useful advice that is meant to help tourist find their way around NYC he is all so infatuated by Seth Meyers. The most loving and flirty tidbit Stefon let slip about Seth would be: I envy your mother because she could change your diapers when you were a child. However sordid and dirty this fictional statement might be it echos the flirty and adoring words uttered by Charles prince of Wales when still married to Diana: Camilla, I want to be your tampon.

Therefore Stefon will be missed but Bill has to work hard to remain in our hearts.

Written By: Georgina Anne Pijttersen

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