Brain shocks may improve math skills

brain shocks may improve math skills

One More Flown over the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’
“Mild brain shocks may improve math skills”, reports CBS news. Really? What decade are we in anyway? My grandmother in the early 40’s was subject to such treatment – before we advanced our understanding of medicine, the body and the brain. I am stunned to read such an article that could go beyond anything short of a practical joke on the American people. What’s next? Bringing back leech-therapy?

Electric shock therapy to the brain was introduced in 1938 and used on hundreds of thousands of patients for anything from depression to just not fitting into the ‘status quo’. By 1960 this treatment had virtually vanished. . . oh, wait – until the year 2013.

Sometimes I feel like I am not in 2013 at all, like I have fallen through some kind of loophole back in time to another dimension. Either I’m in the past, or in an alternate reality that just hasn’t figured things out yet.
I am still wondering how the average person could still be buying Spam and Twinkies? I mean, who buys that stuff still? Are there some people sitting around in their houses with absolutely NO exposure to advancements in health, wisdom or technology?

Shock therapy- is it supposed to somehow ‘jolt’ you into tuning into the magical vibration where ‘math-makes-sense’?? Or are they just traumatizing the part of the brain that blocks you from remembering how much you hate doing those equations…so as to act more like a robot responding to input? I am really beginning to wonder about the people who would subject themselves to such an experiment. They do report, (to the volunteers credit) in the study of 25 people tested with brain shocks, only 12 of them returned for the second treatment. No kidding?

Whatever happened to using more cosmopolitan approaches like ‘The Mozart Effect’? I hear they have great results with kids and adults alike. Not only does exposure to classical music improve language and math skills, it also increases over-all concentration, refines behavior and taps one into their ‘genius self’. This is enormously more civilized that reverting to the ignorance that thought electric jolts would improve someone’s brain. Don’t mind the possible scalp burns possible if the electrodes are attached incorrectly. I’m sorry, but if there is risk of burning your skin…what is happening to the brain?

Ever see “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with Jack Nicholson? Perhaps America needs to revisit this classic before we have students flocking for treatments before their algebra exams.

I can just imagine lines at the local pharmacy for flu shots now including a mild brain-shock buzz for good measure. What are we coming to? Come on!! Let’s wake up and THINK before we allow foreign and unnatural treatments for illnesses we don’t even have.

This approach to improving math skills is frankly shocking…and just doesn’t – by any stretch of the imagination – Add Up!

Written By: Stasia Bliss

11 Responses to "Brain shocks may improve math skills"

  1. Zia   May 19, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which may also be known as electric shock, is still used as a treatment for some treatment-resistent cases of mental health or behavioral health. Perhaps a thorough literature review or interview with medical experts would have informed the author of this fact.

  2. Aubry   May 19, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Oh absolutely, Stasia, let’s make sure and reference half-century-old FICTION before making important medical decisions. ECT is still used today in extreme cases of depression, and is frequently shown to provide relief where no other therapy has.

    Do everyone a favor and perform some amount of research before going to print with your gut reaction.


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