Britain Meat cleaver beheading by two terrorists kills soldier (Video)

They had blood on their hands, and hatred in their eyes. At 2.30 pm on a suburban high street, two Islamic  terrorists wielding meat cleavers butchered a British soldier today in London, England, beheading him in a vicious attack.

The pair of terrorists, shouting “Allahu akbar,” also wielded knives, and demanded witnesses to film their horrendous actions. They took their war on the West to a whole new level of horror with their violent murder of the soldier.

The two men repeatedly stabbed and tried to behead off-duty soldier in SE London. When approached by police officers, the pair of terrorists charged at them armed with a rusty revolver, knives and meat cleavers.

The killing of the soldier took place just 200 yards from the Woolwich army barracks and also close to a primary school.

After being treated for gunshot wounds both men placed under arrest.

Clutching a bloodied meat cleaver after executing a soldier on a crowded street, one of the terrorists delivered a chilling hate-filled message.

“You people will never be safe,” he declared. He spoke with a clear south London accent, and then added: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The assault took place in broad daylight. In front of dozens of passers-by, he and an accomplice had just repeatedly stabbed and tried to behead an off-duty soldier.

“This is a truly appalling murder which will shock the entire country,” stated Labour leader Ed Miliband, who is cutting short a visit to Germany to return to the UK, said.

“All of my thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim.

“The British people will be horrified by what has happened in Woolwich. They will be united in believing that this terror on our streets cannot be allowed to stand.

“The Labour Party will offer the Government our complete support in establishing the facts of what happened and ensuring that those responsible face the full force of British justice.”

Home Secretary Theresa May has called the killing a “sickening and barbaric attack.”

“I have been briefed by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the director general of the Security Service.

“It has been confirmed to me that a man has been brutally murdered this afternoon in south east London.

“Two other men were shot by armed police and they are currently receiving treatment for their injuries,” May said in a statement.

In the words of one eyewitness, Graham Wilders, to the BBC, he described two men who were surrounding another.

“I saw two people lying over him and I thought they were trying to resuscitate him. I went down to the garage and another bloke come along and told me they were actually stabbing him.

“Apparently they actually ran the car into him and knocked him down before they did anything.

“And the next minute a silver car came along and a man got out and shouted he was going to phone the police…”

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron called an emergency meeting of his government’s Cobra security committee on Wednesday evening after a man, reported to be a serving British soldier, was decapitated on a south London street.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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