Charlie Brown goes to jail

Charlie Brown sentenced to jailCharlie Brown was sentenced to jail for threatening his ex-girlfriend and her plastic surgeon. He was charged with four felony counts of threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and one felony count for stalking. He pleaded guilty before a San Diego Superior Court on Wednesday, May 08, 2013 and was ordered by Judge Moring to pay Dr. Lori Saltz, the surgeon who performed breast enhancement surgery for his ex-girlfriend, the amount of $15,082 in restitution.

Peter Robbins, 56, the voice of Charlie Brown in the “Peanuts” television specials, was sent to a residential drug treatment center immediately. He was warned by a judge that he could be sent to prison for up to four years if he violates the terms of his probation.

Robbins apologized to his ex-girlfriend and her plastic surgeon, Dr. Lori Saltz, and told the judge that the first step to becoming a fun-loving person again is to get treatment for alcoholism and addiction to prescription medications.

Robbins was arrested in January and pleaded guilty in April. He could receive five years probation and probably have to undergo treatment for stalking and domestic violence.

A judge ordered Robbins to stop contacting Dr. Lori Saltz.

Prosecutors revealed that Robbins called his former girlfriend 37 times in 24 hours and threatened to kill her and her son if his dog and car are not returned. He followed the plastic surgeon and called her office so much that she had to move to a hotel and hire an armed guard.

Prosecutors said Robbins is demanding a refund for his ex-girlfriend’s breast enhancement surgery. Saltz’s, wrote to the judge that Robbins threatened to break her in half.

Peter Robbins starred as Charlie Brown in the debut “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and held the role in more television specials, which included “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in 1966.

He was born on August 10, 1946, and his works include “A Boy Named Charlie Brown.”

He had a trademark scream AAUGGHH, which was used during the Charlie Brown characters in “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and “It’s The Great Pumpkin.”

Robbins was also the voice behind “The Sergeant and the Kid” in the F Troop episode in 1966.

Robbins was a radio talk show host in KPSL 1010 talk show in 1996.

Scott McGuirre who helps run, a Peanuts history website, said that they had already found an actor to match Robbins’s voice, but he will remain the definitive version of Charlie Brown.

Robbins, acting career ended after the final Peanuts show. He told National Public radio in 2006 that he was living with his dog Snoopy around Los Angeles area and managing several apartment buildings.

Peter Robbins is the voice of Charlie Brown for the 196 version of the animated classic made for smartphones.

Who would have thought the day would come where you would hear the words, Charlie Brown goes to jail.


Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

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  1. Miko   May 9, 2013 at 12:13 am

    I love Charlie Brown. I always love the series Peanuts on television and on print too. I never had any idea who the voice was until now. Sorry he had to go to rehab.


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