Charlie Sheen wanted twin boys in Denise Richards’ custody?

Charlie Sheen wanted twin boys in Denise Richards' custody?

Charlie Sheen’s twin sons were removed from their mother’s custody late Thursday, May 2. The four-year-old twin boys Bob and Max were removed from their home by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services. According to a source that is close to Mueller, the protective services decided that her house is unsafe for the children. They called Denise Richards to take the boys and Mueller agreed. And it appears from reports, Sheen may have been aware of the swap before the event took place.

It’s not a secret that Mueller had been struggling with drug addiction related to her use of Adderall for many years. She has faced multiple arrests and rehab since her split with Sheen in 2009. Their split resulted from a domestic disturbance where she claimed Sheen held a knife to her throat. But sources say, her going back and forth to rehab has always troubled Charlie.

Though Mueller was aware of her addition and voluntarily went to rehab, she never really got rid of the habit. According to reports, official’s long suspected she was using drugs again, and they believed she was in danger to herself and her children. Sources say, Sheen was also aware. Social workers claimed they had given her many opportunities to clean up her act. An insider informed officials that Meuller had not lived in her house for a few weeks, and nobody knew where to find her. Once Charlie became aware of her absence, he allegedly played a significant behind the scenes role to get Denise Richards custody of the twins.

Social workers, who had been investigating Mueller’s residence for more than a year, have claimed in reports that Mueller was often away for long periods of time. Reason and logic suggest that there’s no way the twin boy’s father would have been denied this knowledge. And if that’s so, perhaps it’s why Charlie defended Richards on Twitter following recent headlines that claimed his ex-wife was “shockingly thin.” Sheen tweeted: “listen up sad, dooshy media STOP the inane reports of Denise’s weight! She’s SO healthy!”

At the time of the incident, only a handful of people were aware that Mueller was about to lose custody of the former couple’s twin boys to Richards. Sheen’s unusual support of Richards suggest he was not only aware of the situation, he had a hand in decision to relocate the boys with Denise.

The decision was officially made on Thursday afternoon, but the twins were already with Denise Richards. Not surprising since she has taken the boys in while Mueller was in rehab before.

Brooke Mueller placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold

Mueller was put on the involuntary psychiatric hold at UCLA Medical Center after a multi-day drug binge. According to a source close to Mueller’s family, she was out of her mind on drugs when she was admitted. Her doctors immediately notified the Department of Children and Family Services to get her children out of her care.

Mueller tried to get clean, however, her wild ways finally caught up to her on Thursday, when her children were taken away from her by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, who arrived with a warrant.

The court hearing has already been set next week in an effort to find a permanent solution where the children should live. Though most media outlets claim it’s unclear why Charlie was not given the temporary custody of his twins boys, our report concludes, Sheen wanted his twin boys in Denise Richards’ custody.

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