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Israel carries out airstrike into Syria

Israel carries out airstrike into Syria


The U.S. believes that Israel’s warplanes have carried out an air strike into Syria, between Thursday and Friday. However, officials said that it was not meant to target the chemical weapons’ facility.

The strike happened just hours prior to President Barack Obama’s news conference in Costa Rica on Friday saying that he is not anticipating a scenario where the U.S. would be sending troops to Syria. George Little, Pentagon spokesman declined to comment on the report.

Sources have it that it is still unclear whether the warplanes fired the missiles from across the border, or it has crossed the Syrian airspace. While it did not appear that it targeted the chemical weapons’ site, it hit a warehouse.

No immediate confirmation has been made, and the Israeli officials decline to comment on the issue. However, a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington said that Israelis would do everything to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime to terrorists. According to CNN report, the United States has already gathered data proving that Israeli warplanes overflying Lebanon during the time frame of the attack.

According to diplomats, security sources and rebels in the region, Israel bombed a convoy carrying the Russian SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon, January last year. The Israeli planes remained outside Syrian airspace when the weapons were fired.

Israeli warplanes strike Syrian weapons’ facility

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said earlier this week that his group would continue to help the Syrian President Bashar Assad to put an end to the 2-year uprising in the country.

A suspected nuclear reactor site attacked by the Israeli along the Euphrates River in northeastern Syria, has embarrassed and jarred Assad’s regime in 2007. This has led to the build-up of the air-defense system of Syria supported by the Russians.

Israel has conducted an air strike into Syria

U.S. and Western intelligence agencies are already reviewing the classified data. This happened about the same time the U.S. has collected data showing Israel was flying a high number of warplanes over Lebanon. However, officials said that there is no reason to believe that Israel struck a chemical weapons’ storage facility. The Lebanese army website has listed 16 Israeli warplanes penetrating Lebanon’s airspace from Thursday evening.

More than 70,000 have already died, and thousands more have fled the country. While the United States has been providing non-lethal aid to the opposition forces in Syria, he is resisting the calls from American lawmakers to work on establishing a no-fly zone to help the insurgency.  Officials in the Obama Administration said that arming the opposition was likely than other military options. Obama wants to make sure that they’re helping the situation instead of making it more complex and deadly.

Janet Grace Ortigas

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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