Sarah Palin utter her folksy gibberish on NRA’s Convention

Sarah Palin utter her folksy gibberish on NRA's Convention


NRA Lobby Has Another Convention

I am entirely confused.  When Amway has a convention, or Detroit has one, even when the Consumer Electronics show come to Las Vegas, I get it.  They are celebrating their members, and promoting their product.  It’s called business.  And it works.  I was a presenter at conventions related to the Cosmetology industry, and the effort proved fruitful to the industry in general, and to my own.

But when the NRA opened its annual convention Friday, I asked “why”.  What are they trying to sell, why would they have addle-brained people such as “half-governor” and full-time bimbo and self-promoter, Sarah, “Caribou Barbie”, Palin utter her folksy gibberish   The answer is simple and complicated.  And since the NRA has no answers for these questions, I’ll have to answer them for myself.

Before I do, let me tell you some of the half-truths and “ball-faced” lies they are spewing this year.  First of all, you have to understand that this is not a convention.  It is part gun trade show, political rally and strategy meeting.  And above all it is a lobby who promotes a secondary group, politicians whom they have purchased.

Here are some of the nonsensical remarks made by politicians and others who trade on emotions to get votes, and never on the face real issues of the country.

Rob Heagy, a former parole officer from San Francisco, agreed with Porter’s description of a culture war.

“It is a cultural fight on those 10 guarantees,” he said, referring to the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution. “Mr. Obama said he wasn’t going after our guns. As soon as the Connecticut thing happened, he came after our guns.”

“You stood up when freedom was under assault and you stood in the gap, you made a difference,” former U.S. senator and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told the cheering crowd of more than 3,500 at the rally.

“This is a critical time in American history. Something big is happening in America,” Santorum said. “Stand for America. Fight for America.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry criticized gun control supporters as opportunists who prey on the raw emotions of tragic events.

“You can almost set your watch for how long it takes for people who hate guns, who hate gun owners, to start a new campaign,” after a mass shooting, Perry said.

NRA Executive Director Chris Cox bragged about the organization’s political victory.

“It was great to see the president throw a temper tantrum in the Rose Garden,” Cox said.

And Palin claimed the President was “using the Sandy Hook’s victim’s parents” to create an environment that would allow the nation to take away “our” guns.  (A little reminder here.  The ‘courageous’ governor, who abandoned her state half way through her term for financial gain, admits to shooting baby seals from a helicopter.)

So what are they doing at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston?  The first answer is that they are informing 10% of the American population that they control 80% of our legislators, and thereby control laws that will favor the minority over the majority.  And how do they do that?

The NRA is a lobby.  It does not represent gun owners or gun enthusiasts, it represents gun manufacturers and gun sellers.  They are paid for by a multi-billion dollar industry, and in turn donate millions of dollars to your government officials, in essence, buying their votes.

The convention is no more than a “hard sell”.  They use emotional slogans and fear tactics to insight their members.  They tell lies, they use a false premise about their second amendment rights, (which are extremely ambiguous), and they never openly discuss the sorrow guns have been responsible for in this violent country we call America.

I have a fantasy every year about this time.  I would like to see all 70,000 attendees get very drunk, (which they probably will), and pull out their guns and begin shooting each other.  I know it probably won’t happen, but a guy’s got to have his dreams.  Besides, they probably have metal detectors at the entrance to the convention hall.  They wouldn’t want someone smuggling in a dangerous weapon.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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  1. “A Republic,” said Dr. Franklin, “If you can keep it.” By force of arms, if necessary. The 2nd Amendment is no mere aside but part and parcel of the American enterprise. It did ,after all begin with a claim to the right of revolution, and because it was won forcibly, not merely by coup but much bloodshed. It was conceived also as an empire and that also was achieved in part by conquest and kept together by a torrent of blood. Europe is bled out but we not yet.

  2. Palin is a quitter, resigned from Alaska Governors Office. Makes a poor GOP Cheer Leader

  3. The NRA “does not represent gun owners or gun enthusiasts, it represents gun manufacturers and gun sellers. They are paid for by a multi-billion dollar industry…”. Utter and absolute lies.

  4. What a liberal slanted bunch of crap that was. Liberals are sore loosers and guns are a constitutional right that the red state patriots will never give up. Live with the facts and leave us alone.

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