Cheerios commercial causing a bit of a stir (video)

Cheerios commercial causing a bit of a stir (video)

The Cheerios cereal brand recently released a new commericial advertising its cereal and brand and in the commercial it shows a family: a mom, dad and daughter. So, what can the big fuss be about? Well, some are finding fault that the Cheerios commercial showcased an interricial family with a biracial child.

It is 2013 and people are still finding fault with interracial dating, marriage and biracial children as if hiding this fact is right. In today’s day in age there are many different types of families, from straight, gay, interracial to blended families, and the Cheerios brand just showcased a family that is a reality in America. It is another side of America but it appears some in America just are not ready to face that fact. Some would prefer to stay in a 1950’s mind state and pretend as if blacks, whites and other races are all separate.

It is a sad case especially when in 2013, the United States President who was elected by the majority of American voters is himself biracial, having come from a white mother and black father. So why can’t some forget and let go of America’s racist past and embrace the reality that interricial dating, marriage and biracial children are all real and will not be going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact interracial couples make up the thousands of couples in today’s society. So this commercial is fitting as represents a part of the American cultural.

Whitney Avalon who plays the mother in the commercial recently tweeted the commercial along with the tweet: “Proud to play the mom in this adorable new @Cheerios commercial!”

Watch the commercial here:


-Kelly J Newson