Chicago: Police celebrate recruit graduation and promotion of field

Chicago: Police celebrate recruit graduation and promotion of field

Mayor Emanwe, Superintendent McCarthy, and Police Department celebrate recruit graduation and promotion of field training officers and command staff largest class of graduates since 2005 will be deployed to operation impact.

CHICAGO – Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy today announced the graduation of 105 police recruits and the promotion of 56 field training officers and 3 command staff members at a ceremony at Navy Pier. All 105 graduates, the largest class since 2005, will be deployed to Operation Impact foot patrols following a 12-week field training program.

Operation Impact is a policing strategy that began on February 1 of this year, targeting the top 20 areas for violence in Chicago. While combined the areas represent about 3 percent of the City’s landmass, they account for 20 percent of the violence. Since Operation Impact began on February 1, murders are down 67 percent, shootings are down 50 percent and overall crime is down 27 percent in the 20 zones.

“On behalf of the residents of Chicago I want to thank the men and women in this class, along with all those who serve, for their dedication to protecting our communities,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Our officers are key to the progress we’re seeing in the Operation Impact zones and throughout the city, yet policing is just part of coordinated strategy that includes stronger prevention, more stable parenting and stiffer penalties for serious offenses.”

“We are seeing real progress through our comprehensive policing strategy, and the reception to our foot patrols has been positive,” said Superintendent McCarthy. “The stars that these new officers will proudly wear as they walk our streets were earned through sacrifice. There is no sacrifice that is more worthwhile because there is no more important duty than to serve and protect our communities.”

In addition to the police recruit graduation and promotion of field training officers, three command staff members were formally introduced and recognized at the ceremony. The now official command staff promotions are Wayne Gulliford as Chief of the Bureau of Patrol, Eric Carter as Deputy Chief, Bureau of Organized Crime, and Thomas Waldera as Rogers Park (024th) District Commander.

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Recruit Graduation and Promotion Ceremony Superintendent McCarthy welcomed the graduates as the newest Chicago Police Officers, and praised the newly promoted field training officers and command staff members for their dedication to duty and years of commitment to service, emphasizing their accomplished example as a model
for new graduates to emulate.

The graduating group of recruits is the seventh class to complete instruction under the tenure of Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent and is the largest class since 2005, highlighting their shared commitment to ensuring public safety in the City of Chicago. After spending five months as police recruits in the Department’s Police Academy, where they received approximately 1,000 hours of instruction and training, the newly graduated probationary police officers will become full-fledged
police officers.

The new field training officers were required to have completed the Department’s examination process for promotion and meet the minimum in-grade seniority requirements. The field training officers then underwent 3 weeks of training and will be assigned to field duties effective immediately.

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