Chis Brown Causing Disharmony in Hollywood Hills

Chris Brown graffiti home

Singer Chris Brown is causing disharmony in the Hollywood hills again. People have complained in the past about wild parties, and he’s cover his home in graffiti. Dozens of Chris Brown neighbors aren’t too happy about the mural above, and now the city is getting involved.

The murals are large and bright, but they depict creepy, large-eyed creatures that are strange monsters on the walls. Not only is the wall graffiti loud, it also goes against a city ordinance.

Some may call it art work while other just call it an eyesore.  Many neighbors living around Brown’s Hollywood Hills home just call it monster graffiti .

Patti Negri who represent the neighbors in Chris Brown’s neighborhood are appalled with the distraction. According to an interview on KCAL Negri confirmed that she has received dozens phone call and email from different neighbors in the community who are upset and aggravated and beleive Brown deliberately tries to upset the community.

Negri also said that since Chris move into the stunning four story Hollywood Hills homes, he has thrown lawn parties, and speeds down their streets; and to throw insult on injury, now he has painted this ugly mural on his home.

“Children are frightened. Adults are mad,” Negri said.

LA city councilman, Tom LaBonge said, “it’s against the city’s ordinance to have unpermitted signage. As a result of the councilman’s action, Brown has been cited.

According to the city council these kinds of images are not allowed by code.

TMZ reports that Brown has already been fined $376.32 by the city after numerous complaints.

Not everyone is against the mural. Brown’s next door neighbor, Vincent Bouvier says Brown should be able to do whatever he wants to his property. Bouvier called the Brown’s murals an expression of art.

LaBonge in the other hand stated that if the murals are not removed, Brown will be egregiously violating city code and will be regularly fined.

Negri says she wants Brown to be a friendly neighbor. She also stated that the neighborhood organization is happy to have him there as they have a number of wonderful celebrities living in the Hollywood Hills. But they just want him to be a neighbor.

According to twitter, Chris Brown is presently in San Francisco making an appearance. The city of Hollywood Hills said Brown will be charged $1,176 if he fails to remove the images in 30 days.

Guardian Express staff contributed to this report.

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