Chris Brown Hit and Run

Might be headed for the big house.

chris brown jail time
Chris Brown might be headed for the big house. Earlier this week he had a fender bender and hit the victim in the rear end, of the car that is. Chris as always acted like a real gentleman and didn’t want to give his driver’s license. He showed the victim the dark side of his character and gave the poor woman some undeserved attitude. When it became apparent he had to give something he gave the woman the incorrect insurance information. Now Chris has learned that Karma can indeed be a b*tch. Because as of now the rear end bump has changed to a fully fledged hit and run.

The heroes of the LAPD have decided to investigate the singer. They have the power to change this situation in a probation violation and this would mean prison time. The reason why the LAPD can easily change these charged is because he is still on probation for beating Rihanna. This probation has several conditions on of which is that he has to adhere to all laws. It seems that their is probable cause to assume that Chris fled the scene of the accident before fully disclosing all information which is required by law. If he did this then he could probably spend the next four years behind bars.

So far Chris Brown hasn’t answered any of the LAPD’s questions nor has he talked with them yet. It would be wise of him if he did all of that sooner rather than later. Considering that a hit and run could equal prison time, it definitely should be sooner.

This incident with the police wasn’t the first moment he got his name in the news for something bad. He got reminded of what he did to Rihanna in 2009 when Amanda Bynes told Rihanna in a tweet the other day: “@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.” Chris hasn’t responded to this Tweet either but it can be said that Amanda did change her mind quickly after typing and broadcasting this Tweet. She didn’t stop there and continued to rant and call Rihanna offensive things. The reason behind all of that could be that Rihanna is friends with rapper Drake and Bynes is totally into Drake and can’t handle any other women being near to him.

At the moment Chris Brown has decided to move back in with his former flame: Karrueche Tran. She did decide to keep her own apartment but apart from that she has moved all of her clothing and other personal items into his former bachelor pad. The two reignited the love spark a few days before Chris Brown’s 24th birthday which happened earlier this months. Tran liked being back with Chris so much that she hasn’t left the Hollywood hills home. They don’t want to keep it a secret and they are flaunting their love for each other everywhere: partying hard during the Billboard Awards after party and surprise surprise Tran was also in the car when Chris decided to bump into the rear end of the Mercedes therefore opening himself up for possible jail time.

Let’s see if Tran needs to get used to living alone and if Chris Brown does get done for hit and run, get used to four walls.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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