Kim Kardashian – the real life dress up doll top ten styles list

Sometimes money and fame do not mean you know how to dress

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Kim Kardashian who earlier today lashed out at a photographer who no doubt was making her pregnant life that much more difficult. Pregnant women all over the world know that it’s not easy to be pregnant and to look good wearing a nice outfit. Most of the time you just feel bloated and some women even say “I look like a whale.” Luckily most ladies don’t have to worry if the whole world is watching and judging. Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, has the spotlight on her and yet, she usually seems to enjoy it. Thus, we can satisfy our curiosity by having  a peek at what she’s wearing. We can see for ourselves what works and what doesn’t. You could call her our real life dress up doll as we visit her top ten styles list.

Ten style lessons from Kim Kardashian, what not to wear and how to change it for the better:


The nude dress: The good & the bad and how you can change it: it accentuates her breast, oops, I mean her best assets. In other words, her more than ample bosom. However, she draped kim kardashian nudeher hair over the area where most women have issues; bra fat. (You know the pesky skin flabby stuff that spills over any strapless dress. It doesn’t matter how much you work out, most women will be plagued by the flabby annoyance. A good solution to this issue is to not wear strapless dresses or use your hair to cover it up, like Kim did; or wearing a bolero type jacket). The material doesn’t help either. It’s too stiff and it’s reminiscent of old table lamp shades. It would be better to opt for softer material with lining. The lining will make any irregularities in the skin disappear. The shape is nice albeit it’s drowned out by all the wrong things.


kim kardashian black and whiteBlack & white dress: This outfit is an edgier look. She has slicked her hair back, applied a gorgeous shade of red lipstick, and is wearing some type of rocker bracelet. These things would make almost any outfit look spectacular and they are easy to mix in. However, the bad part of this dress is that it’s not flattering as you can see. The strange white overflap, for lack of a different word, seems strange and reminds me off an apron gone wrong. It might have worked if the white part covered both sides of the front and back, and was attached to the rest of the dress. Black is slimming, but in combination with white, that part always will seem much bigger than the rest of the body. So beware of this mix. It seems simple, but you could end up looking like Kim here.

Sexy cleavage dress including sparkles: She definitely had men turning their heads and women looking perplexed with kim kardashian cleavagethis little number. The color works very well on her, blonds should be careful with this color though. It might look harsh on them. The sparkles are fun for a night out, and for sure Kim got a real boost out of this one. However, this dress might be a tad too much for most. The cleavage is very exposed, and the dress is skin tight. A more demure version and clingy in the right places would have been a more tasteful approach.



Kim-Kardashian-RioHot pink dress fit for Rio de Janeiro: first of all, Kim is very good with trend with the colors. Hot pink and neon yellow green pumps for starters. Very Summer 2013. However, those are the only good things about this outfit. Some things to note here: Don’t wear somethings flowery on top if you want the other half of your body to look smaller. This might have worked if Kim wasn’t pregnant at the time, but now it just make her look larger than ordinary, and it’s not that flattering. In addition, when out for a walk, make sure your dress doesn’t sweep the floor. It might look nice if you’re standing still, but it’s a bit of a drag if during the whole stroll you’re tugging and holding on to your skirt in order not to fall over. Kim probably has enough balance issues as it is, no need to add one more. Just remember, this is the real like dress up doll we’re talking about. If she’s going to spend anytime showing off her wear, she might as well be comfortable.

Very experimental white pant suit: We got to embrace how fashion forward Kim can be. It’s not possible to pigeon hole kim kardashian pant suither and dismiss her entirely. This pant suit is really spectacular, but not for Kim. First of all, the color is making her look huge. (Don’t get me wrong almost everyone looks bigger in white, that’s just the way it is). Some sort of print or color blocking might have helped because you’re able to direct the eye to the place you would like it to go. Visualize whole outfit and you will see that there is tripping over danger here, because the pants are too long. The trouser zipper is huge and looks odd. Just place the zipper at the side seam and nobody will see it. The jacket tries to balance her out, but because of the added volume, it just doesn’t seem to work. This one should just stay in the closet for now. Perhaps, we should not have included the style in our top ten list.


kim kardashian leather leggingsLeather leggings and a lace styled top: a cute very demure look for Kim and her hot legs. This outfit is actually a great inspirational one. Personally, I would opt for another choice than the strange looking Hawaii Hula type skirt under the bosom, but on Kim, it does work. The things to note here are: wearing lace on your best assets, works. It enhances them, make them look nice, and it’s a classy statement. Kim has very nice legs, which are covered well in the leather leggings. It might be a good idea to opt for cotton leggings in everyday life. Why? Think about it; have you ever tried to put on leather pants? If not, I would like to refer you to the following video scene in Friends, where “Ross” tries to put on his leather pants in the bathroom of a first date’s house. (Hilarious scene with Joey helping Ross out. It ends in a powdery, creamy mess. Just go watch it already.)

Cute green apple dress: the naming of this outfit is simple because the outfit itself is super simple, but it works. This is a nicekim kardashian demure everyday look. If you would like to hide your upper arms a bit more you could opt for bigger capped sleeves. A belt in a neon color makes it even more Summery; but don’t go out with a black handbag, like Kim is holding here. The handbag and the shoes are things you can experiment with, and make your outfit less simple looking. In Kim’s case, she could have worn a fabulous over the top neck piece that would have made this real life dress up doll complete.



kim kardashian biker outfitBiker chick but not really: This outfit works really well. It must be said that it’s probably a good idea to wear it during the early stages of pregnancy because it doesn’t seem to have a lot of spandex in it. Therefore, it might chafe and start hurting your belly. Apart from that, the colors are interesting. It could have been boring or even might have made Kardashian look washed out, but as you can see, Kim looks fine. However, the colors work for her, and her nails in burgundy makes the outfit that much more fashionable (Although the lips should have matched; then it would have been an A+). In addition, Kim proves that being pregnant does mean you can’t continue wearing your favorite biker’s jacket (Who needs to close that zipper anyway?).


Spanish style lady in red with demure little accents: This look has it all. It fits Kim well, and it has great color. She has matched her lipskim kardashian lady in red, and her hair looks great. Moreover, the skirt is the right length. The hemline is just resting on her knees. Some women might prefer a lace sleeve see through to hide some imperfections. Kim has no qualms with her arms, therefore, this style of dress works very well on her. Kudos and well done.


So far we can be proud of Kim. She has shown us all, the way. She has suffered for us and paraded around in horrible contraptions. But she also showed us that pregnant women don’t have to wear anything that they don’t want to wear even if you’re pregnant. I would say, whip out your high heels and gem stones and join in the fun. If you don’t feel like it, sneakers will do as well. Take Kim’s lead, as this real life dress up doll has top ten styles list that is practicle enough for the everyday gal.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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