Bardstown, Kentucky Police Officer Jason Ellis, Shot and Killed in Possible Ambush

Kentucky Police Officer Jason Ellis, Shot and Killed in Possible Ambush

Over the Memorial Day weekend, a Bardstown, Kentucky police officer was shot and killed in a possible ambush, according to a report from Reuters. The body of police officer Jason Ellis, 33, was found lying near his police cruiser on an exit ramp of the Blue Grass Parkway in north central Kentucky in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The officer’s cruiser was parked with its emergency lights on and it appeared that he had stopped to pick up debris that was lying in the road. Kentucky State Police told the Courier-Journal newspaper that they believe the debris was placed there deliberately, to set up an ambush.

At a press conference, Kentucky State Police spokesman, Master Trooper Norman Chaffins, said that Ellis may have been shot and killed in a possible ambush. “Someone planned this and someone planned to shoot someone at that spot and at that time.” Chaffins went on to say “We’re looking at the possibility of one, possibly two or three persons involved with this.” It is not known for certain if Ellis himself was the target of the ambush.

Officers were dispatched to the scene when dispatch received a call about an accident involving a police officer at that location.

Ellis, who had been a police officer for seven years, had been shot several times with a 12-gauge shotgun, according to Nelson County Coroner Rayfield Houghlin. The main reason it is believed Ellis was ambushed is the fact that his service weapon was still in his holster. Ellis was not driving his regular vehicle at the time; he was on his way home in a ‘pool car’, so there was no dash-cam footage. Detectives working the case carried out interviews but did not locate any eye witnesses.

In tribute to Ellis, whose body was escorted to the medical examiner’s office in Louisville by approximately 50 vehicles,  a statement on the police department’s Facebook page reads.“He was active in the community and quickly earned the respect of his peers. He served Bardstown with dignity and honor.”

according to the WLWT television station, Bardstown has a population of 12,000. The town lies 40 miles south of Louisville. The police department has 27 officers, according to its website. Ellis is the first Bardstown police officer killed in the line of duty.

Written by Graham J Noble



2 Responses to "Bardstown, Kentucky Police Officer Jason Ellis, Shot and Killed in Possible Ambush"

  1. Jacob   December 26, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    If I was ever to find the killer I would expect some answers and some blood and possibly his life from that killer, who could do such a thing…and if he/she what ever it was is able to commit this crime then they sure as hell will mostly likely be willing to do again! This killer must be found!

  2. Sad A, CopWasKilled   May 27, 2013 at 12:37 am

    Police Officer’s are a very special type of Human. They startout with good thoughts of helping people in a new special job, then before they know it “something changes inside of them”. They become self programed by the brave officers around them. Now putting their own life in harms way is not even a thought or a fear anymore, it becomes a way of life. They will gladly give up their own life and put their Wifes, Kids, Mothers & Fathers through years of extreem mental pain to save or attempt to protect a total stranger. Anyone who attempts to harm or kill a Police Officer for whatever reason is mentally challenged, or evil and against everything that this country stands for.


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