Chris Brown’s ‘Fine China’ covered by Jake & Papa

Chris Brown's 'Fine China' covered by Jake & Papa


Cheyenne “Papa” Harrell and Jacob “Jake” Harrell also known as Jake and Papa are no rookies to music or the industry. In fact fans will remember this dynamic duo from the hit R&B group Brutha. Jake and Papa, the two youngest of the former group have continued on with their dreams of creating great music. It was this past Valentine’s Day when the duo opened for R&B hitmaker and veteran Ginuwine at the Key Club in Hollywood. Bringing some of that good R&B to their home crowd.

Jake and Papa are a duo who continue the tradition of singing soul and R&B, something not too many artists do in today’s industry. Many artists today are afraid to stay with their R&B or soul roots because they are afraid it will not sell like going pop will. Still, Jake and Papa go against the grain, just creating great music their fans want to hear.

With 15 songs, 3 tapes, 49 songs & 8 videos, Jake and Papa show no signs of slowing down but continuing on the path of creating some of the best music.

The duo recently celebrated their two year anniversary of their fall and deciding to go independent with their music. In a statement the duo said:

“May 15th 2013… 2 years ago today, we got up from a fall. Dusted off our shoulders, drama & all & faced the world, back to back, against all odds. From our hearts to yours, 15 songs. 3 tapes, 49 songs & 8 videos later, we stand, stronger than ever! 2 souls & a microphone. And it’s all because of You. You showed your love so we could show the world We ride together, we fly forever. #TeamJP… Eternal.”

As for what is coming up for this amazing R&B duo, Jake and Papa are hard at work, working on their EP ‘Athena’s Erotica’ which is set to be released later this year on iTunes. Also, fans can expect a new single from the duo soon off their upcoming Summer project.

Jake and Papa most recent project ‘WESTERNPLAYALISTICAMAROMUZIC’ is available now on their website along with all their videos and previous mixtapes.


twitter: @jakeandpapa

-Kelly J Newson

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