Christina Aguilera to Replace Shakira?

Aguilera to replace Shakira

It could well be that Christina Aguilera is set to replace her replacement judge Shakira on the The Voice in it’s fifth season. Deadline Hollywood has revealed that Christina is close to wrapping up a deal the will put her back in the judge’s seat that she vacated to make time for her music career.

Aguilera, took a break from the show in order to promote her Lotus album, Shakira replaced the singer for this season and the show is now entering its live round phase. But Christina wasn’t the only judge to bail out of his chair in the current season. Fellow judge Cee Lo Green also took a timeout to to work on his Loberace Las Vegas show and other projects,. Green is also in the middle of negotiations to come back to the show. His chair has been filled by Usher.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Aguilera’s salary for season five could be in the region of $12 million, but other industry reports are saying that her salary could be as high as $17 million. Just in case you didn’t know already, that is just a tad below the reported $18 million that Mariah Carey earned for her one season of “American Idol.”

As Christina and Green announced their summer break from the show to work on their own professional projects the show’s producer Mark Burnett said that it is not unusual for the stars that sit in the chairs to take time off to pay attention to their own careers.

This type of thing is planned for by the show’s producers and “replacement judges” are in the wings ready to step in for the time of the existing judge’s hiatus. It is expected that fellow judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will be back for season five of the show.

It could be seen that the reasons both Christina and Cee Lo left in order to facilitate a salary increase before they return. With other stars, like Mariah Carey for instance, who already have a pay packet that can only be described as astronomical, it would not come as a surprise to find that both of the returning judges will be getting substantial increases in their remuneration.

Of course the rumour of a pay rise doesn’t equate to it actually happening. An old Hollywood adage states that any publicity is good publicity and it doesn’t hurt for the program’s producers to hint that the show is doing so well that they can easily afford these huge salary hikes.

Christina was raking in $10 million before her break and the question arises whether the producers will actually consider her worth the added expense of taking her back onboard. While Shakira may well want a break to spend time with her new four month old baby, which would give Aguilera a chance to return; Usher doesn’t have a reason to leave the show for Green to come back.

Regardless of who stays or who goes, the network has not released any statements to confirm or deny the rumours.

By Michael Smith

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3 Responses to "Christina Aguilera to Replace Shakira?"

  1. guest1986   May 16, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Love it! I missed Christina a lot this season! She’s a better coach without a doubt! Shakira’s funny and nice but her comments are all the same!

  2. Diane   May 14, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    I hope not. I think Shakira is much better on the show!


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