Cody Simpson returns to Gold Coast after touring with Justin Bieber

Cody Simpson returns to Gold Coast after touring with Justin Bieber

Aussie singer, Cody Simpson, was born on the 11th of January 1997 in Queensland, Australia. He was discovered by Shawn Campbell (a grammy-nominated record producer). Cody started his career in music by recording videos of himself singing songs in his bedroom during the summer of 2009 and uploaded them to YouTube.

He released a single called iYiYi when people first began to notice him. Since then, Cody has lived a very busy life, as he managed to fit in school, surfing, and time for his angels into his schedule.

Cody has been nominated for 12 awards since 2010, and has won 7 out of the 12. He was nominated to win 3 awards at the Radio Disney Music Awards: Best Male Crush Song, Best Male Artist, and Fiercest Fans award!

Cody has recently been on tour with Justin Bieber during his Believe tour in Europe. While performing at Justin’s concerts he also participated in his own concert series for his Paradise album.

The young sensation also had a signing on Oxford Street, London with his sister Alli Simpson at Schuh for the trainers Pastry’s. There was a really long cue and unfortunately not all fans received a chance to meet Cody Simpson!

In 2012, he has released his album Paradise; and all fans are looking forward to his new album coming out this year.

After touring with Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson has returned to the Gold Coast. The up and coming star is catching the waves in the sun!

He recently announced on twitter that he will be continuing his Paradise tour in America and Canada with the artist, Ryan Beatty.

Written By: Tatiana Correia
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